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 Feet pain?
So I am doing this new excersize where I have to walk 10,000 steps on my treadmill which is about an hour and a half and four miles. So now my feet hurt really really bad and I have blisters about ...

 please please please help I think I'm dieing ?
ok so i have this really bad cramp in my right side and sometimes the cramp is in my lower stomach but mostly it is in my side. please help me. do you know whats the matter with me? BTW some times my ...

 If i get a lip ring will it...?
get tangled with my braces?...

 How is waterboarding torture?
There has been a bunch of talk about waterboarding being torture in the news lately. My question is "Is waterboarding torture?" By definition torture is ' (1)to cause intense ...

 should i get help?
ok like i have been having panic attacks for 3 weeks now and just recently my chest has started to hurt but only when i rub it or when im laying down on my stomach and also it's kind of ...

 i have a piece of led stuck in my hand?
it hurts like crazy when i try and pull it out, if i laeve it in there could i get lead poisoning?...

 does a heat pad work for aching feet?

 Can MSG cause headaches?
it seems like the day after i eat a food with MSG in it i get a certain type of headache, unlike any other headaches i have ever gotten. ...

 What is this pain that I have in my back and chest?
I have bad back pain and a small bit of pain in the left of my chest. The pain in the left of my chest feels like sun burn but I have not been on holidays since last July and it rains here all the ...

 I shot myself in the foot. Help?
I shot myself because i need to know if the website is helpful. Any suggestions? it hurts really bad....

 Help me please, i would like to know whats wrong with me.?
Im feeling really weird with my body latly.

Like i feel super weird in my head,
kinda like im just gonna faint or something or even have like
seziure or go into a coma or ...

 I've had headaches for five years and tried everything. Does anyone have any ideas to make them go away?
I've had horrible headaches since I was thirteen. I've had CT scans, MRI's, and EEG's. I've tried tea's, all kinds of pain killers and natural remedys.

I got ...

 i have a tooth ache but can't get into see my dentist till tomorrow afternoon?
besides rubbing cocaine on my tooth to numb it,what else can i do to help ease the pain...jk about the coke*wink*...

 If i am 5'5 do i round to 5 foot or 6 foot?
my friend swears if u r 5'5 u round up to 6 ...

 does it hurt when you get spacers?

 Lortab I'm scared?
I have a severe tooth ach and my dentist fill a perscription for Loratab..I am afraid to take one cause I heard drucg addics take them?...

 Symptoms ..chest pain, abdominal pain, passing gas. etc?
Two days ago, i had loads of alcohol apparently i puked up some stomach lining.
Anyway .
I havent had my period yet. So i wasnt sure if it was just ppains.
I dont think so tho.

 For the worlds worst hangover whats the best and quickest way to make it dissappear??

 What kind of headache is it I have thats always over my right or left eye? ?
What kind of headache is it I have thats always over my right or left eye? Ive been having them at least 3 or 4 times a week now. T...

 Does anyone know of other ways to lower/stop pain without aspirin?
I just worked out today and am very sore. It was suggested I just take aspirin, but that makes my knee pain worse. In fact, I took Advil once and I couldn't walk on my left leg at all for ...

what is the easiest and quickest way to die w/o pain?
just answer the question please
and make sure yur answer is from a credited source

Well if you can get a hard enough blow to the head, a quick snapping of the neck like Sudam, lethal injection.

The Dude
eat cream corn With baby back ribs


there is never a good reason to ask a question like that, you should really seek some counseling.

natural death wait for it

carbon monoxide, takes seconds, i kill rats that way when i catch them in a rat cage.tryed my BB gun not much good.

Well no one can answer this question knowing that there will be 100% no pain because the only people that could tell you are no longer on this Earth. There are no guaranties than anyway will be pain free. I hope you reconsider.

oh u will find enough n more ways
may b it will not give u physical pain
but once u r in that process u will b scared of wat lies beyond
and wat may not b painful to u will b probably painful to many around u
get a grip man
or get help

getting shot in the head.
its like two seconds and you die fast.
your not thinking of killing yourself though?
ill be your friend!

drugs from th OR- a paralytic agent like pancuronium and a barbituate or opiate for sedation. both IV

why would you want to die even still without pain??????????????

ouch, this devastates me because my mom recently died with no pain... she was 58... which may seem 'old' if you are really young.. but it was so unexpected and we (family) are still healing... she fell asleep and her heart just stopped.. heart arythmia (spelling??) she did not even know she had it.. coroner said no pain. she just died instantly.. but the pain she did not feel physically - her family feels - emotionally..

don't do anything stupid... ever..I am just saying, your question indicates you thinking about dying -- rather you or in general terms - whp can tell... so I feel better saying life is full of ups and downs and the downs always feel like the end of the world;. but people get through even the hardest things and things always, always get better.. there is always someone who has it worse than you.. and our actions always affect others - way more than we realize.. Now, if you sre suffering wth some terminal illness - then hospice helps you die comfortably... If you do not have that but are entertaining death - go visit a hospice or terminally ill person who does not want to die.. that will out things in perspective for you.. its not pretty.

Truth ?
How and when to die is not in ones hands.

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