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 i have a tooth ache but can't get into see my dentist till tomorrow afternoon?
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Dazzling by Design®
ouch i'm in severe pain!! (help!!)
so today we went shopping and i don't exercise much so my legs hurt really bad!! idk if it means i'm growing or todays long walk!!?? how to heal the pain? besides pain killers because i already took aspirin..

lose weight.

Travis C
try holding your legs up it works for me

Stretching may be the way to go. If it's a cramp or soreness, it'll help ease the pain, although it might be uncomfertable while you stretch.

Don't take aspirin in the future, it's bad for females.

are you overweight? if you are kind of fat and font exercise that may be the reason. If you are skinni maybe you may have a problem with your joints. There are some vitamins that you can take to strenght your bones and joints it makes it stronger and with it, its not goint to hurt in the future. you should drink water and walk at least 30 minutes a day and that will help for future. By the moment use some bengay cream or patches for muscular pain or you can take pills for arthritis at least that are the only pills that help calm my pain because i suffer from pain in the knees.

It sounds like you need to get out more. If walking around the mall hurts, this is something you need to do. Maybe walk around the block once a day. Walk to a park. Something to get you active. It probably hurts because you haven't moved certain leg muscles as much as you should have. Just walk more! The pain will go away. For now, take ADVIL. It will releaved the pain. Take 2, three times a day. Morning, noon, and night. You can take up to 600 mg at a time. Which is 3 pills. Each pill is 200 mg. If the pain is a lot and you can't sleep. take nyquil Pm (blue/green color) It will make you drowsy and you sleep well. Trust me. Also! Try Heating pads at night, and Ice during the day. You'll feel some what better.

Hope you feel better :)

lolololol if u walked in heels that would explain alot so even if u did soak your body or feet in a tub filled with warm/hot water or a Jacuzzie.......bengay would help or vicks and if u have epson salts put it in a tub and soak ya self

Try heating pads, or something cool...try both. See which one works better.

Umm, if it is a pain from the exercise, put some icy hot on where it hurts, get a massage on your legs.

I don't know what else to tell ya, sorry. Hope you figure it out.

Vallen D
The same thing happens to me!!! I hate it. But I always use a rice pack on the parts where it hurts the most.. soak in the shower.. Good luck <3

I get that sometimes from walking way to much.
Just go lay down or something.
Just don't walk to much.
The pain will go away.

mary d
soak in a hot tub with 2c epsom salts. I have pain flare ups all the time and this usually helps. Try aleve also for the inflammation

Well I know for muscle spasms you just need Potassium, so if its the muscles that are sore really sore take a potassium supplement or eat a banana!

oh is the pain on your front of your lower leg, its called your shin...??

I played soccer and i used to get them ALL the time i still do....:)

Their called Shin Splits and according to my doctor its where the muscle and your bone is still connected but they move apart stretching the bonds in bewtween...gross ehh??

But its a pain in the butt and it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Try laying down...i know it makes you want to walk around but putting ice on them and elevating them on pillows should do the trick!

melissa g
warmth- heating pad , bath , wait for asprin to kick in , you're gonna be sore for a while

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