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ronnie radkes girl
how do i stop cutting myself?
i started cutting myself when i was 11 cuz i was extremely self- conscious about my weight. When i realized that cutting wasn't helping a lot, i started to be bulimic. Then i went back to cutting and now i cant stop either of my problems. i started to burn myself but my dad saw and was like are you like one of those kids who hurt themselves to feel better and i lied to him and said no and i cant tell him now and i have no one to go to about this and i need to know how to stop cutting myself. What are some alternatives?

keep away from the knives. Get anti-depressants, and ooo, I know, remember that life can be a *****, but it ends up good in the end. Not talking about afterlife either, I'm no Jesus freak

I don't exactly know how to answer your question. I burn myself too. It's hard. I agree. I hate myself. Sometimes I just wish god would just end my life and kill me. My arms are all ugly now.

dont do it please stop if its about your weight WHO CARES
if people dont like the way you look, the f.. with them
looks dont matter
i no uve heard this a million times but its true!
start doing hobbies and sports and something you like
go outside more
hang out with your friends
have a good time
life was ment for laughter friends and fun
things like that..you shouldnt do
LIVE YOUR LIFE....by rihanna

self-harming behavior is always because of some emotional issues.The best thing for you is to go to a near by hospital and see a therapist.or you also could search online some therapists who work in your city.U also should be honest with your folks and tell them what is on your mind so they could help and support you.It is a difficult situation and healing takes a little time but don't worry if you to those two things mentioned before you will be just fine.

how old are you?

be good!

hide your scissors.

you need help, tell your dad right away..

do you know how bad these are for you?
+ Belimia too, it reaaaally hurts, being healthy and your strength.

the hell you cuttin yourself for never touch anything sharp again
join a team or club

There are some questions on Yahoo answers that are too complicated and important to be answered by amateur strangers. This is one of them. You need to talk to a trusted adult and get the mental help you need. It doesn't have to be a parent- it could be a friend's parent you trust, or a teacher, or the school counselor. This isn't something you can handle alone, nor should you have to.

isnt it obvious? excersize and loose some weight. solving the cause of your problem will stop bothing puking and cutting.

Celica M
I really thi

wow i'm sorry you feel so badly you have to hurt yourself.

you need to stop, or else it could be fatal.

if you need to talk to anyone
i'm here for you

[email protected]

Terry O
We all suffer from some forms of addictive behaviors, in one way or another. Of course when it gets to be self-destructive it becomes a problem that seems to drive us into loneliness, which makes it grow much more intense, and for many people, impossible to ever change, because they are caught in the isolation.

What can help you is to locate a support group of people that are trying to overcome their addictions. There are many of them for adults, but if you are a minor, then you need to go through a Guidance Counselor or somebody that is competent to work with you.

The desire to change your behavior for the better is the first requirement to help yourself, and you have that. So get up your courage and talk to somebody who can help you find a support group of people like you where you can talk and learn how people can learn to help themselves and others become the better people that they want to be.

Talk to a family member or teacher or someone who can help you. Talk to your dad about letting you to see a therapist or someone who can help you. I've been cutting for years, and it's hard to stop sometimes. It can be an addiction. You can try something else to help you when you feel like cutting too. Write in a journal, go for a jog, read a book, take a shower...anything to help you relax. Create a list of different things you can do instead of cut and try them out. But I still recommend talking to a councellor or therapist if you can.

Rated Rko
how bout you just stop cutting your self its not worth where is cutting your self going to get you in life.....no where its gonna hurt you in life...talk to your parents get a therapist or something and get prescribed some antidepressants

like omg :)
go get help

I used to cut myself too, and the way I overcame it was I joined the local fire dept. It got my mind of things and I started to feel real good about myself.

What I suggest you do is find a hobby where you are in the public. You may be self concious about your weight but trust me hun, no one is a critical as you think they are, and you aren't only hurting your self, you are hurting everyone around you. Getting out in public will help you and a hobby will preoccupy yourself.

If you ever need to talk about anything, I'm here....my email/msn is [email protected]

billy jean!
What the freak ... Im sorry to be so tough but ... I dont understand why people like you would do that ... that is so stupid taking anger on yourself ... like freakn dont hurt your self go take your mind off of it or something ... there are other ways to take out your anger , in calmly ways .... ugh .... thats dumm ...

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