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Stevie G
What causes my migraines?
First of all I lose most of my eyesight
Second the headache comes
Third all of my face goes numb

I do spend allot of time on the computer and the wii and I was wondering if this could cause it. What would you say seems to be causing it or any tips? Thanks

Food colourings especially the orange ones start off my migraines, the thing is some of them are natural colourings so I have to be careful. if I am feeling a bit iffy then a computer screen will make my symptoms worse, set the refresh rate as high as it goes. bright sunlight also doesn't help I have to wear sunglasses in the house.

i get the same - see half of people then the nausia and head. then the numbness of limbs.

went i went to the doctors they said it was my sleeping patterns because i can deep sleep or not sleep at all.
Then if i get strest.

but the second time i went to the doctor i explained that my grandad and my mother where sufferers but i seemed to get mine at a much younger age of about 9/10 so he but me on some pills wwhich are basically like sleppy pills

Kim k
Start journaling. You need to find your triggers. Don't use the video and computer everyday and write down when you have a migraine and what you did that day before the headache began. You should be able to see if these things have anything to do with your migraines.
Keep a food journal, there are usually foods that trigger migraines. MSG, smoked meats, processed cheeses. ripe bananas, red wine are all common triggers but there are many more and each of us are different. If you keep a record of everything you eat and when you have a migraine you should be able to look back at your journal and find food ingredients that act as a trigger.
Most people who suffer from migraines need to wear dark glasses and a hat when they're in the sun and you always need to drink plenty of water because getting even a little bit dehydrated can bring on a hellacious migraine.
Good luck

Loxie C
many things can cause headaches including:
Clenching Teeth
Not getting enough sleep
Poor sleep pattern
or not taking breaks when using a computer

i would reccomend if every hour you take a five min break and make sure you go to bed and wake up the same time everyday because that worked for me

hope this helps

I suffer from the same problem, alot of the time migraines are caused from stress, lack of seep, lack of food or like you had mentioned computers and televisions. This site may help you understand where your migraines are coming from:

maytel mynt
take out sugar from your diet and anything that has a high glycemic index e.g. potato, corn, pasta, bread, soda...
search the net "glycemic index"

too hot, too sweet, too salty, too tired, too cold...
too = shocks your body and causes migriane

close your eyes (5mins) during the day, dont sleep!

lie flat to relax neck muscle breath very slowly

i use to have migraine, now i dont have migraine ANYMORE.
now i can eat everything again

kaight z
Computers definetly can trigger headaches and temporary vision blurs. Take a break every once in a while and focus on near and distant objects around you. Also other things can trigger migrains such as smells and certain foods. Keep a log when you get the migrains and what your doing, what you ate, and any other atmospheric things. Also not to scare you but it wouldnt be a bad idea to get it checked out because your body could be giving you a sign of something more serious. Also there is medicine to help cure migrains. Stess can cause them too.

i think i rember hearing that oranges help the pain go away

Kelly F
My migraines trigger when the barometric pressure drops. Do you live in an area where the weather changes dramatically in a short period of time? I have found that acupuncture works wonders; I have to have a treatment every two weeks during Spring and into Summer until thunderstorm season is mostly over.

I have found that working on the computer aggravates my migraines, but so far, I don't think that they are the cause of the migraines.

Please post again if you figure out what's causing them; there are so many of us out there. Best of luck!

a migraine is also called a "pre-stroke event", as you are 50% more likely to suffer a stroke if you suffer migraines.
The reason is that a migraine is similar to a stroke inasmuchas there is a temorary loss of normal blood flow. During this phase (also called a prodrome), you are losing your vision and having a numb face. Visual disturbances are common with migraines, and it indicates that your visual cortex is not getting good blood flow. The second phase (the pain phase) is due to an response by the blood vessel in your brain to over dilate due to local chemical mediators. This over dilation is the painfull stage...that is why it is effective to drink caffein during this phase as it causes constriction of the blood vessel, and returns it to a normal size. With time, it will return on its own.

Since you are having visual involvement, i would see a chiroprsctor to get that neck fixed, also work to improve your cardiovacular integrity (exercise), take magnesium, take a b-complex vitamin, and look for a pattern related to your pain. it could be mediated by an allergy, fatigue, or even pain (neck).

kevina p
Hi Being on the computer can have an effect on your migraine, i always keep off my computer when i can feel a migraine coming on, or if i have just had a migraine, My migraines are like yours i lose my sight, or get wavy lines in front of my eyes. I have even lost my memory and had to be taken to hospital. I know that certain foods cause mine, so just jot down what you have eaten, you can find some of the cause by a process of elimination, also if i am really tired or run down i will get a migraine.

funny my name is stev g too and i suffer migraines too
things known as triggers like choclatre,cheese, lemonade,coffee etc but if you get more than one a week seek medical advice.
mine is related to tiredness and stress but too much pc cangive eye strain and bring them on.
keep a food diary and try to pinpoint specific foods upto a day previous.
there is also a theory that some people have a slight hole in the heart that causes clots to pass and when they get near the brain cause a type of seizure causing the migraine.
i would check it out with optician and doctor

I went to the doctors awhile back and the doctor told me i can't stay on the computer and watch tv too much. Especially when your on the computer/tv watching in the dark. And I can't eat too much junk food and can foods. Don't drink alot of orange juice. You basically have to eat lesser than people that don't get migraines (just on certain foods). And weather causes migraines too. For me, humid and rainy days gives me migraines. And if i smell something really toxic, i get migraines. And you have to wear glasses. My eyesite became pretty bad 2 throughout the years. I wear glasses when i feel like it tho lol But when you get migrains, you're gonna have lay down and relax. Exederine medicane always works for me. I'm 16 and i've been getting migraines since 1st grade. And you'll either vomit or go number 3 in the bathroom lol

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