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 Help me please, i would like to know whats wrong with me.?
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 I've had headaches for five years and tried everything. Does anyone have any ideas to make them go away?
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Wind Driven Wanderer
PLEASE!!!!!!girls only?
ok its that time of the month again but I'm getting aches and pains is there any thing I can do to sop them or make them less hurtful?
Help please

cassie b
mideol def help... nd try to work out cuz that does help
also try relaxing

relax.... take midol

I get them really bad too. There's these pills called Feminax that are really good, also eating bananas makes me feel better. You could try a hot water bottle on your belly too. I also find a cup of tea and choc chip cookies also makes me feel better lol xx

advil, tylenol, midol, heating pad

take a hot bath or go for a short run. maybe like a mile

midol helps alot of people, but if it's alot of pain like i always got, it's not enough. you will need something stronger provided from a doctor, or you will need to find which food you eat calms it down. usually when you eat, it makes it hurt more... but white rice can actually help it not hurt as much. hope this helps.

Just some good old Tylenol

cathy h
Okay, been there, done that, got the t-shirt! If you know when you will have your period, that can be a big help. Start taking pain pills, motrin,pamprin, or whatever, right before you start. If you don't know the exact day , as soon as you start to feel pain, take something! Do Not Wait, the quicker you catch it ,the easier and less painfull it will be. Also don't take aspirin for the pain! It seems to make it worse. A heating pad on your stomach or lower seems to work well too. Good luck, take care and you should be fine.


Pamper yourself! Take a hot bath and put on your favorite comfy jammies. Take a couple of Aleve Liquid Gels, the acetaminaphne is what doctors have prescribed for severe cramps for years. Either curl up with a book or magazine, or watch a favorite movie with your favorite comfort food!!

Sounds pretty generic, but I tell ya, it worked for me. :=)

the best, trust me: get some children's advil. the liquid. you have to slug what seems like a huge amount, (read the label) but it works SO fast.
icy hot or someone is making these new pain relief heat patches that claim to be for menstrual cramps. haven't tried them tho. they're on the aisle with the other pain relief stuff. or a heating pad.

talk 2 ur doctor about it...they will help...also talk 2 ur mom

Danielle Marie<3
take a warm bath...take midol....exercise is supposed to help..good luck! ;]

Take Aleve. I had very bad cramps and I used to take Advil, but my gynecologist informed me that Aleve was a much better pain reliever to take. Rest. Drink lots of water.

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