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Is it safe to snort acetaminophen?
I broke my leg a few days ago. It's in a cast now ad I was prescribed percocet. I've vomited quite a few times the pain's been so bad. I'd like to know if the percocet is safe to snort for quick pain relief.

The Artful Dodger
go ahead lets see what happens with you...

anthony h
what is going on with you? you should never put any chemical compounds into your nose. you know why. if the medication you were given is not working, simply call your doctor and tell him and ask for an alternate prescription.

Snorting any drugs risks taking it into the lungs which is NOT what you want. When you snort something most of it gets caught in your nasal cavity and slowly drips into your stomach. By snorting your percocet, you'll simply be creating a slow drip into your stomach instead of simply ingesting it normally and getting the full dose all at once.

It won't have the same effect because you won't be able to absorb the same amount of the medicine. It won't dissolve.

However, it might work better as a suppository.

Will you feel the effects of the pill faster if you snort it, therefore leading to quicker pain relief? Yes.

Is it safe? No. Not at all.

Snorting any drug is extremely hard on the nose. Continuously snorting any type of pill can severely damage the lining of your nose and eventually cause you to lose your sense of smell entirely. The nasal tissues are very delicate -- they're not meant to absorb large particles, like the ones that are in Percocets and other medications.

Also, whenever you crush up and snort any type of pill, particles go into your lungs -- which is extremely unhealthy! These particles can cause blockages in your lungs, which can kill you.

Although snorting a Percocet will help you feel the effects faster, it's really not worth the health risks involved.

Are you sure that it's the pain that's making you vomit, and not the Percocet itself? It's common for Percocets and other opiate medications to make people get nauseous and vomit, especially if they've never taken an opiate before. I got prescribed Percocets when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and the pills made me so nauseous I couldn't even take a whole one -- I had to take half of one in order to not get sick from it.

why would u snort anything? i think u already know the answer, cos if u didn't u would had asked ur doctor. and u know what the doctor would say?

if it says take it by snorting through the nose then yes, although i dont know of anything prescribed to you that you should do such na thing so the answer is most likely NO... try to settle your stomach eat saltines, and drink water or clear pop *room temp and flat* it should settle your stomach and if you throw up at least you have something to keep you hydrated and something in your stomach to throw up instead of just bile then when you have gone longer without throwing up you can take the percort

Just crush the pill and take it normally it will start working faster but snorting its fine if you want to have the taste of the pill in your mouth for an hour. Or you could take more acetaminophen to increase the effects of the oxycodone in the pill but make sure you don't take more than 1000mgs.

Its not a good idea cause if its pure it'll hurt like hell, same with ibuprofin.

NO never.
1. You don't know exactly how much you are snorting.
2. I heard that it burns your nose & your eyes water.
3. Its painful.
4. By time it would takes to shave & snort the pile, the pill would have worked.

Look at http://www.partyvibe.com/forums/drugs/2087-snorting-percocet.html

no, it isn't, the nasal tissues are delicate and not intended to absorb medications with large molecules like percocet. If you can't swallow and keep them down, then insert them rectally.

Honestly the best ans fastest way to get medication into your blood stream is by inserting it into your anus! Honestly! The lining of the anus is very thin and lots of blood vessels. the medication will dissolve and got quickly into the blood stream. Don't snort it b/c you would have to crush it and some medications are not effective if crushed. It will say it right on the bottle (do not crush) if it is one of those kinds of meds that will lose effectiveness if crushed. Plus if you snort it. it will go to your brain verses your blood stream where it needs to be in order to get to your leg!

sure why not, why swallow the pill like the rest of the world.

Moe man
you shouldnt snort anything =

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