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 Symptoms ..chest pain, abdominal pain, passing gas. etc?
Two days ago, i had loads of alcohol apparently i puked up some stomach lining.
Anyway .
I havent had my period yet. So i wasnt sure if it was just ppains.
I dont think so tho.

Is it called strip throat when you swallow and it hurts?

Olivia T

Michael Schumacher fan 1956
take a gargle every night with TCP and salt in warm water

Its called strep throat and you such get on antibiotics right away. So consult your doctor

Lenore P
i agree with all the rest get to the Dr and get antibiotic's for it will only get alot worst if you don't and other people can get it from you if you don't.

actually it called STREP throat and when u have it u can barely swallow let alone feeling it hurt!!!! but if it does contiue to hurt and get worse go get some throat medicine and make some hot tea.

Strep Throat-You will need antibotics

You're thinking of strep throat.

strep throat and they swob the throat and send you off with meds.

Kim k
Strep throat is a specific infection,not every sore throat is a streptococcus infection. If it is you probably are running a high fever and feeling all around lousy. almost everytime I get a cold it starts out as a sore throat, within a day or two the other symotoms show up.
You can also have a sore throat from mouth breathing, or yelling or talking for a long period of time.
Chlorosceptic is great for a sore throat, it's an anesthetic spray that you can get at any grocery or pharmacy, it completely numbs your throat. Hot tea with lots of honey and lemon can help a great deal too.

Only a small portion of sore throats are caused by strep. Sore throats can be caused by several things. It's best to get a diagnosis from the doctor if you are worried it's strep. Strep is a bacterial infection and can be serious if left untreated. Most sore throats are viral.

School Nurse
It's called Strep throat when you have an infection in your throat caused by the Streptococcal bacteria. You can have a sore throat caused viruses too.
Have your doctor do a throat culture. That's the only way to know if it is Strep. Many doctor's will order an antibiotic for sore throats without a culture. It could be a virus and antibiotics do not treat viruses.

No, that's called being a ***-guzzler.

"Strep" throat. You won't know if it actually is strep unless the doctor takes a swap of it and sends it to the lab. Normally, strep clears up on its own. .. usually those that have strep have a fever too.

Your throat my hurt when your swallow b/c of a virus, tonsillitis, allergies...

its called "strep' throat..usually you have yucky white spots in your throat, in addition to it being sore.. dr. does a simple q-tip swab test before prescribing anti-biotics.. only takes few minutes to diagnose.. try gargling with hot salt water, or better yet, get "cepacol' throat spray to make it feel better. advil will help too.
hope you feel better.

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