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 How is waterboarding torture?
There has been a bunch of talk about waterboarding being torture in the news lately. My question is "Is waterboarding torture?" By definition torture is ' (1)to cause intense ...

 should i get help?
ok like i have been having panic attacks for 3 weeks now and just recently my chest has started to hurt but only when i rub it or when im laying down on my stomach and also it's kind of ...

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it hurts like crazy when i try and pull it out, if i laeve it in there could i get lead poisoning?...

 does a heat pad work for aching feet?

 Can MSG cause headaches?
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I have bad back pain and a small bit of pain in the left of my chest. The pain in the left of my chest feels like sun burn but I have not been on holidays since last July and it rains here all the ...

 I shot myself in the foot. Help?
I shot myself because i need to know if the website is helpful. Any suggestions? it hurts really bad....

 Help me please, i would like to know whats wrong with me.?
Im feeling really weird with my body latly.

Like i feel super weird in my head,
kinda like im just gonna faint or something or even have like
seziure or go into a coma or ...

 I've had headaches for five years and tried everything. Does anyone have any ideas to make them go away?
I've had horrible headaches since I was thirteen. I've had CT scans, MRI's, and EEG's. I've tried tea's, all kinds of pain killers and natural remedys.

I got ...

 i have a tooth ache but can't get into see my dentist till tomorrow afternoon?
besides rubbing cocaine on my tooth to numb it,what else can i do to help ease the pain...jk about the coke*wink*...

 If i am 5'5 do i round to 5 foot or 6 foot?
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 does it hurt when you get spacers?

 Lortab I'm scared?
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 Symptoms ..chest pain, abdominal pain, passing gas. etc?
Two days ago, i had loads of alcohol apparently i puked up some stomach lining.
Anyway .
I havent had my period yet. So i wasnt sure if it was just ppains.
I dont think so tho.

 For the worlds worst hangover whats the best and quickest way to make it dissappear??

 What kind of headache is it I have thats always over my right or left eye? ?
What kind of headache is it I have thats always over my right or left eye? Ive been having them at least 3 or 4 times a week now. T...

 Does anyone know of other ways to lower/stop pain without aspirin?
I just worked out today and am very sore. It was suggested I just take aspirin, but that makes my knee pain worse. In fact, I took Advil once and I couldn't walk on my left leg at all for ...

 what is the worst imaginable pain you've ever gone through?
please, no one answer saying something like.....
"Oh, when my g/f b/f broke up with me" or "When my wife cheated on me"
I'm talking about physical pain. for me it ...

 What do you do for migraines?
What tips do you have? I can't take imitrex or anything like that, and I am pretty limited with pain killers.
I am looking and hoping for some home remedies, or what you do to relax.
I ...

 I'm in PAIN, please help??
Why is my right leg hurting really badly?? I get these sharp pains down it, and i'm on my rag or at least starting it, and i hurt like i have really bad cramps now and from my pelvic bone down, ...

I've had pain in my knee cap for years, and it's getting worse. What should I do?
My left knee cap has always had a little pain in recent years but lately the pain has worsened a bit. The pain is exclusively in the knee cap. There's no pain around it, just right at the top of the knee cap. Is there anything I can do to stop it? Is it tendontis in the knee? What could this be?

Hello sunshine(:
my dad had that too! He got surgery so you should get that!

Rock'n'roll chick
Try with a hammer.. works for me..

Football Guy
I dont know but my knee is the same way, i feel your pain man

yeah same with my dad his knees was killing him so finnaly i talked him in going to a docter and he finally went and now he has to get total knee surgery and i think its best so go check her out

hip lady wants YA fixed
it could be that the cushioning under the cap has wore out. go to your doc and he can give you more advice on this matter. it might mean that you need surgery

you should take a medication that helps with pain or get surgery (if your doctor recommends)

I recommend that you see a doctor because if it has been that way several years then usually that means you tore ligaments, which turns to arthritis, then deteriates and eventually will need a whole knee replacement. You might want to read the site i'm sending you that may help some but after reading you should still see a doctor A.S.A.P ( I hope it's nothing serious) but not to get you all worried- you may need to have possibly a minor knee surgery or major depending on the condition of the knee and how long the knee went without being treated. You may just need just a simple perscription or recommended by doctor over the counter med.. ( if it hurts right now a bag of ice would help for a couple hours a day and rub Icy Hot or Bengay, or even a store- brand , doesn't matter, but it helps. I had knee problems but was fortunate that it wasn't to late I too had it for several years,( doctor says right now i don't need surgery but it could be possible in the future, I even had a second opinion, same results, because arthritis can appear at anytime. especially when you get older) So I get routine check-ups-every 6 to 12 months unless I'm in extreme pain. But I know of many friends and relatives with knee problems and they let it go for to many years and didn't get it checked out and ended up with a whole knee replacement. Fact: the knee is one of the worst parts to damage on your body and the most abnormal feature on the body. It is also the worst joints on the body. I'm not trying to scare you, just want to help you the best way I can and from experience. It's really important to find out.

Here's a site you might want to save, it has everything you need to know about medical, treatments , medicines etc... I did most of what your looking for and the page I'm sending you have to click your age range, then body part, it will say leg, after then click on the knee. You then have to click on the left side of page- your symptoms, then it will give you possible or exact results of what it is called and the meaning or cause, may have to do some reading if there's more then one possibility. Also you can find out what medicines, over- the- counter and/or perscription(s) you may need. And other information. You'll really like this site. It also has a body figure that you click on the area you have pain and that's what took me to this page I'm sending. ( which was mentioned earlier) It asks male or female and ages, then click on your symptoms, and finally the results. The best Med. site- I recommend this site and also if you want you can sign up for free newsletter as well. Everyday it will send you some facts and questions on many health issues good or bad. Like they are testing estrogen for Alzheimers, ways to prevent a heart attack, stuff on pregnancy etc... stuff you may have never known about. All kinds of stuff. Anyhow check it out. :0) I really hope this site helps... Good Luck! I'll pray it's nothing serious for you OK!


Go see your doctor.

It might be time for a knee replacement.

Good luck.

Perhaps see a physiotherapist.

Is this a real question??? Some of the stuff I read makes me questions the intelligence of our country... Do you really need someone one YAHOO! to prompt you to see a doctor?

well it sounds like you have a serious case of arthritis to me, but it may be something else. of course have a doctor check it out, but make sure to try and take some joint vitamins. they help a lot. i have sore chest ribs, the best thing to do is get plenty of rest and take the proper vitamins your body needs. with time and proper treatment, you might be all better.

SAGmeaner Srikes Back!
Go to the Doctor as soon as you can

I suggest you should go to one of the Chinese Accupunture and tell them your story they will get you something to put on. This will help because i witness the same suituation of my friend

John Cage
Let the orthopedic surgeon make the diagnosis, not the Yahoo people.

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