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Chest pain when breathing?
Whenever i breath i experience chest pain. I don't have trouble breathing just my chest hurts whenever i take a deep breath. I don't have asthma so i hope it isn't that.
I recently was punch in the chest (don't ask why lol) do you think that is a factor?

no that punch wont do that but you may have asthma or some kind of lung disease or you may be experiencing the placebo effect.you got punched so you think that you are hurt

That's a good bet, but furthermore, if you recently ate a lot of junk food or some other malnutritious substance, it could be heart-burn. Lets be on the safe side and say it was that punch. See a doctor if symptoms persist.


it could be gas...no lie. but if you got punched in the chest it prolly has something to do with that.

it may have been a factor, but either way, you definitely have to see a doctor. breathing is on of those essential life functions so if something goes wrong......you die (not to be pessimistic). sometimes after i eat certain things i'll get a sharp pain in my chest that hurts when i breathe at all (not just deep breaths). what i do to fix it is take a bunch of really short fast breaths, like panting sort of.

Anonymous Viking
It sounds suspiciously like you've either broken or bruised a rib. I bet pushing on the spot where you were punched causes pain.

A trip to the doctor's and an x-ray is in order. A broken rib can easily degenerate into pneumothorax or hemothorax if you are struck again or move suddenly. The lining of your lungs can be punctured by the sharp bone ends, causing blood and or air to enter places where it does not belong.

If breathing becomes more difficult call 911 immediately.

A bruised rib is less threatening, but it can be difficult to tell the difference.

maybe go see a doctor and wtf were you thinking to have someone punch you in the chest?

Nurse KeVo
I would say so

weird same here.

If it's only been sore since you were punched in the chest then that's probably the cause of the pain, is the pain getting worse, better or staying the same? If the pain isn't away or at least better within 7 days of being punched then see your doctor.

Don't take any painkillers, this will block out the pain and you won't be able to tell if it's getting worse or better.

The Lion and the Lamb
I think you need to go and get checked out by a doctor

ur chest muscles are probably just soar, when you breath in your flexing ur ribcage, and using some what 50 muscles that are near or part of ur chest.

Ham Bad
Yeah, it probably is the punch.

But if it continues on tomorrow, you should see a doctor in case it's a fatal disease and you die!!

David L
Sure it could be. Depends on how hard you were punced. Could have brused part of your breast plate, bruised your heart, or caused other internal injury. Depending on how long it has been sore, you should consider seeing a doctor.

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