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Can my dog take child's aspirin or ibuprofen?
He got bit in the upper leg by my other dog to day.
Bobo weight is 45 lbs.

Barb D
Nope. It's toxic. Take him to the vet. They'll know what to do about it.

whenever my dog (about 9 lb) got stung by a wasp on her nose my mom gave her stuff. and then the vet said she should have cut it in like fourths.

but seeing that your dog is 45 pounds i think it would be okay to give him a whole one. or maybe cut it in half. either way i think its fine.

sugar c
I gave my dog Advil (minus the coating) and he did find. Is your dogs skin broken? you need to disinfect it and put a clean bandage on it. Treat it like a persons wound. if it starts to look infected take him to the vet.

Dogs can take baby asprin, but seeing as he got bit by a dog you should def. go take him to get checked out.

I would suggest calling a vet to get verification - a lot will give short advice when it's something simple. If your other dog isn't an outside dog or has had his shots, I wouldn't worry about rabies. If the wound needs stitches, I wouldn't hesitate to take the little guy in - but if it's just a nip, then a call should do. I've had it come up in the past - one of my four little guys has mild arthritis (has since he was a puppy). My vet had me cut up a baby aspirin into quarters for my 20 lbs dog - I'd say cut it in half for yours, but you want to get verification. If the vet says to bring him in, though, you'll wanna do so. I've also used Neosporin on my guys when they get heat rash and chew the hair from their legs and draw blood, to no adverse affect - but I always put it on long enough for it to take a little effect, and then wipe it off thoroughly, making sure the dog doesn't lick it at any point. A good pet usually does the trick. Once again, verify with a vet.

i don't think so...you should take him/her to a vet

Yes... But just a little bit.... I gave that to my dog once and the Vet said it was ok.... but make sure just in case...

yes it is ok but unless you have experience i would consult the vet first and also make sure the wounds are paid attention to good luck when in doubt spend the cash and take him in better safe than sorry

no take him to the vet or doctor or ANYTHING and fast! he could get inffected!

yes you can give the dog baby asprin, only give it to him once a day..

don't do that, you don't know what that other dog is like, he could have rabies for all you know.
if that happened to your child you would be worried, bring him to the vet.
you have a dog, now take some responsibility.

Yes... Your dog can take baby aspirin.

SURE your dog can take either one. just don't over dose them. depends on their weigh. You usually treat them as if they are 12yo child.

Not Allie
Never, ever, ever give an animal medication without talking to your vet first.

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