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can i leave my contacts in over night?
my allergies are really bad today and my eyes are hurting, itching, watery and red and i can't get my contacts out

i've only had them since saturday

but is it okay if i sleep with them in?

i've been trying to get them out for like 20 min

I remember when I first got contact lenses. I was as scared of removing them as you are. At the time, I was told not to leave them in overnight because they would dry out in my eyes and be very painful to remove. After a few tries, I quickly got the hang of it although it was not the technique I was shown. I find that pinching them between my thumb and index finger to take them out is the best way to remove them. I never touch my eyeball that way although I have long since gotten used to it and I can touch my eyeball without flinching.

so curious
yes thats fine i go months without even cleaning mine its just not good to leave them in longer than a week without cleaning

John A
NO! first of all your cornea can generate around them overnight, secondly they can reshape your eye, and third they can travel around or even behind your eye.

kate M
Calm down...!! Put two fingers in your eye,see in the mirror where is exactly the contact and take out,must be quickly.
Dont be scared. Nothing will happen, you just are touching your eye.
But please don't sleep with your contacts, you can have a eye ulceration tomorrow.
Try to cry, that will help to take out the lense. Or put tears.
Good luck!!!

Most of the time, it's ok to sleep in ur contacts for like one night (unless u have the continuous wear contacts where u wear them for a month straight). However, in ur situation, I wouldn't recommend that u sleep in ur contacts with ur allergies like that. Ur eyes are probably super irritated now since u've been trying for a long time. Give ur eyes a little break, use artifical tears, put cold compresses on ur eyelids, and just wait for a little bit. Try again one eye at a time, giving urself a break in b/w. U could end up w/ a really bad infection in ur eye, or worse an ulcer. So just take ur time, but make sure u take them out. After u take them out, wash ur face (w/o soap), use alot of artificial tears, and do the cold compresses again. If u can't take them out, then u might need to call ur doctor. Good luck..

P.S ur contacts WOULDN"T move around or behind ur eyes as someone else mentioned. There's no place for it to go except to be on the front part of ur eye.

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Have u tried an eye bath ? it might get them out. i would errr on the side of cautoin, & get them out. maybe even some really moist drops? like Genteal, would help them be slippery.

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shine on me...
Some are meant to be slept in. Others aren't. Take them out, they could very well possibly be causing the eye infection.

Take them out... wait 15-20 minutes and try again. If you sleep in them while your eyes are irritated they will only be worse in the morning!

You really don't need to wear contacts when you allergies are acting up because that can spread an infection to the contacts. And you also don't need to sleep with them in because it can cause dry eye and make it hard to get them out. What you need to do right now is put some rewetting drops in your eyes and that might help take them out. If not, call your eye doctor for advice.

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