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 Is Swine Flu Pandemic really a pandemic?
Our known and loved "lesser" influenza strains kill quiet a large number of people every year. If you average out the figures swine flu is quiet tame in ...

 What happens if a person with swine flu gets swine flu vaccine?
does the vaccine cure the ...

 has anyone had the swine flu injection?
anyone had the swine flu injection is it bad for you? is there any side effects ? ...

 Swine flu= me scared!?
ok, so alot of people are really scared because of the swine flu! so am i! today i woke up with a sore throat, now my sore throat is worse, im also sneezing and i have a stuffy nose, do you have ...

 What is a chicken pox party?

 swine flu...........?
So one of my closest friend has the swine flu and i saw her friday and saturday. we had a sleepover at my house and she slept in my room. i want to know if i have swine flu becuase....I just came ...

 Does cranberry juice really help if you get uti's alot?

 Did he for sure get autism from the vaccine?
Our neighbors son is 6 and he has autism. He is non-verbal and bangs his head a lot and runs around all day. They say that he was completely normal before and was starting to talk and then he got his ...

 Swine Flu Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
At least three hundred people in Australia have Swine Flu! Half of them in my state alone. I saw a person with a mask the other day, and I accidently touched them! Do I have Swine Flu now??????????...

 Does the H1N1 flu shot really prevent H1N1?
I got the H1N1 flu shot, but I heard that the shot doesn't prevent you from getting H1N1, it just lessens the symptoms. Is this true?...

 What's worse, normal flu, or swine flu?
What is more ...

 Can a cold be spread through sharing chapstick???
I currently have a cold and have no idea where or whom I got it from. I remember recently borrowing chapstick from a friend of mine who had a cold. Could this be the reason? Can a cold be spread ...

 Has anyone died from the h1n1 vaccine?

 The Swine Flu pandemic, is it going to kill us all?
I think yes.
How about you, post your opinions....

 Have we seen the last of the swine flu?
i havent heard anything in a long time do you think the scientists were being over dramatic when they said it was going to be a world ...

 18 weeks pregnant and unsure whether to get the flu vaccine?
I have been offered the flu vaccine and I am unsure whether to have it or not.
I asked the doctors and they said that it is my decision but it does have the swine flu vaccine in it aswell and ...

 should I get the swine flu shot? it's free and I have to decide in 5 days?
I'm 17 and in school we got to know that everyone has got the chance to get the vaccine for free but we have to decide within a few days, but I'm not sure, is it a good idea or not?...

 will i die from swine flu?

 is swine flu still going about?
i haven't heard anything about in ages is still going around?...

 Are we all going to die from swine flu?
Is there a cure and are people over reacting and blowing it out of proportion, or is it only poor countires who cant afford ...

ok now im really scared phase 4?
bbc news said the level is now phase 4 eek are you scared

Stellar Meg
The last real flu pandemic only killed about 20 million people, this is not enough for real population control. With the current world population you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting 'flu.

The planet needs a disease that will wipe out 90- 95% of the human population, when that happens I'll start to believe in god, and perhaps worry.

whats phase 4?is it bad?

British Shorthairs <3
I'm rather scared actually. I'm going to America in September and if it escalates then they might stop all airports. :S

But it's reached Britain where I live. I dont want to die of some flu.

what does that mean for us yanks ??

Ah ah....Atchoo........eek..!

Made From Embryonic Stem Cells
150 dead in Mexico of about 2000 cases, about 8% death rate - same as Spanish flu of 1918. All were healthy adults. 40 known cases in New York.

Transmission is human to human. I predict we will be at phase 6 by the end of the week. This is very serious. At the current rate of death it is 80 million dead per billion infected. And there are 6 billion people ...

You think you know me?
That is nuts! a while back it was phase 3?! i think that the US government is hiding something big that is why now they raised it up again!

♥Top Modeling;Twitter Following♥
Wow so phase 4 has to be really bad but the government is hiding something.

anarcho the angry
I'm not scared yet.

Alex C
Eurgh, another strain of the dreaded flu virus...

bird flu, swine flu, give me a bloody break.

☼ What a Wonderful Life ☼
No, we have two more before it becomes a pandemic......then I'll be scared.

Queen E
Don't worry, I don't mean to insult BBC or any other news network, but the media has a tendency of scaring people. I'm sure it's phase 4 only because the cases went up to 40 and many people are still not aware of what swine flu even means or what it is. Don't fear!

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