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 Sick question............... BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!!?
ok so i called my doctor finally called my doctor about this cold/ mild fever I have been having since Monday night. (thanks to the people who answered my question before!) I know call me crazy for ...

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Now I am sick from Malaria and this is the fourth time in 3 ...

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 how dangerous it the swine flu?
there have been reported cases in schools around my area and i just want some info about it.....

 Traveling w/ 1 year old, should I have him wear a mask or don't worry because of the swine flu?
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 Who is most likely to catch the flu?
What age group, what gender, what health conditions...?


 What is your opinion on the Swine Flu epidemic?

 what are some deadly diseases that humans don't know about?

 How to get sick purposely?
How to get a fever purposely? Please tell me ASAP.
Example: Taking a bath with lots of ice. Which will cause headache. (Tried it, and got sent home from school =D)

Please I need your ...

 what does is mean if you cough blood?
im sick and that just happened should i go to the hospital?...

 is this a real disease or is this made up?
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 my hamster is unwell not eating or drinking and has been shaky for 4 days and seems very weak.?
my hamster is unwell not eating or drinking has been shaky for 4 days and seems very ...

 Is Swine Flu Pandemic really a pandemic?
Our known and loved "lesser" influenza strains kill quiet a large number of people every year. If you average out the figures swine flu is quiet tame in ...

 What happens if a person with swine flu gets swine flu vaccine?
does the vaccine cure the ...

 has anyone had the swine flu injection?
anyone had the swine flu injection is it bad for you? is there any side effects ? ...

 Swine flu= me scared!?
ok, so alot of people are really scared because of the swine flu! so am i! today i woke up with a sore throat, now my sore throat is worse, im also sneezing and i have a stuffy nose, do you have ...

 What is a chicken pox party?

 swine flu...........?
So one of my closest friend has the swine flu and i saw her friday and saturday. we had a sleepover at my house and she slept in my room. i want to know if i have swine flu becuase....I just came ...

is there any alternative medicine for strep throat? i literally can not handle the idea of medicine?
i absolutely refuse to take medicine. and don't tell me get over it because that's not the answer i'm looking for. does anyone have any home remedies for killing the bacteria from strep throat? please help me.

No, You need antibiotics. You can ask the Dr. for liquid or a shot. That way you do not have to take pills.

There are NO home remedies for strep throat, which is a bacterial infection. The ONLY way to cure strep throat is to take antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. There are no home remedies. If you do not take antibiotics to cure the infection, the bacteria will spread and cause more serious problems. You need to see a doctor.

I often get strep throat in the winter, gargling salt water helps a lot.

It is unfortunate that you feel this way about medicines. Strep can lead to many more problems that can be life threatening and holistic medicines cannot stop that. You can try and let it run its course and do all the same things you would do for a common cold. However, depending on the type of strep which is occurring, this can lead to a lot more problems. May not be soon either. The infection can go dormant and return later as a stronger and more dangerous series.

I've had strep before and didn't go to the doctor and now my throat looks all scarred up I imagine from that. Anyway if I have a sore throat I drink echinachia tea (Yogi brand) with 2 tablespoons of honey and a little lemon juice. I drink it about 3 times a day hot. I also take a ton of vitamin c and I feel better real quick. If there is anything that will help get rid of it that would have to be it.
Actually I just remembered my boyfriend got strep and I gave him that tea and made him drink it a few times a day and his went away real quick. No meds. I'm not recommending not going to the doctor, however if your not going to go you might as well try it.

Gargling with warm salt water is quite helpful, but I doubt if it will eradicate the infectious bacteria.

Keep in min that untreated Strep can lead to very serious conditions including severe kidney damage and rheumatic fever.

Anne H
Garlic is a Natural antibiotic ans has been proven in studies; Garlic destroys the Strep bacteria on contact ! what great news; tips for eating Garlic

Garlic Bread; roasted Garlic; garlic salad dressing; Garlic spaghetti sauces; garlic and butter for sauces; how to roast Garlic;

put the whole cloves in oven; bake until soft;

I don't - but just as a word to the wise, make sure you don't start taking anti-biotics and then start, or you'll kill off all the good bacteria and let the bad stuff thrive. Make sure you don't change your mind in the middle of a dosage.

The Tridentine Avenger
You don't really have to do anything. Your symptoms will likely resolve in five days or so. However, you open yourself to a variety of complications and sequelae such as scarlet fever and rheumatic fever, which can possibly cause severe heart damage.

Whatever you do, please Stay Home. Without conventional antibiotic treatment, you'll be contagious for several weeks even after the symptoms resolve. If you don't want to take drugs, that's your choice, but you have no right to subject others to the negative consequences of your choice.

Can you handle the thought of death more easily?

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