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 Is there a cure for AIDS?
Is there a cure for AIDS, and how did majic johnson obtain such that he has not transmitted it to his wife?, Will there be one or is there one in other countries at this present ...

 What caused the swine flu?
I heard that it was caused by people working with pigs and getting a illness from pig to person, but this flu is person to person. How did this happen? thank you!...

I live in san antonio tx where the 2 people were sick with this flu and i am freaking out!!!! I have a 4 month old, and i work at a hair kutting place where i'm in contact with lots of people, I&...

 Can a Urinary Tract Infection ever go away on it's own?
I definately had one two days ago but I feels like it was going away yesterday and today I can't feel anything at all. Do you think I still have it and it the symptoms will return? Thanks....

 Do I got swine Flu???????
Well I was wondering if I have it.I Live in Alberta and am 16. I have a sore trout for the last 3 days and can not talk at times, I am coughing a lot, my hip are sore for no reason now, and I have ...

 What's that medicine called that you take at the first sign of a cold to knock it out before it really hits?
My sister is feeling a cold coming on and has a trip planned for later this week and wants to try to shake it before she leaves. Does anyone know that medicine that'll get rid of it in like ...

 Is 0 Negative a rare blood type?

 Could you get AIDS from your own blood ?
I don't know, but like me and my friend was talking about how I lick my blood and stuff, and like she told me that I could AIDS . I don't know . Lol . Someone speak the truth ....

 could I have the Swine Flu?
I've been sick for a few days.

I have a sore throat

a terrible headache.

I did have a runny nose but that went away.

my eyes are tired and my face ...

 can you catch diseases from kissing?
I've been told that you can catch diseases when kissing,is this true? and what disease is this?...

 Do I have swine flu???????????????
I have a headache, my body's aching, i have a runny nose and a stuffy nose, i sneeze sometimes, i have a headache, a very sore throat, but i dont have a fever. is it swine flu or the regular ...

 Yes or No to H1N1 Vaccination?
So Monday I am supposed to go in for my H1N1 vaccination. Well it's not manditory. There are a number of ppl who aren't planning on getting the vaccination because they don't believe ...

 Can anyone tell me the difference between swine flu and normal flu?If it is just the same why all the panic?

 Is it possible for a person to contract the H1N1 virus from a person who had the live nasal vaccine?
As a doctor, I've heard this question many times. It alarms me that the public isn't educated on the risks and percentages of a vaccine that has cause so much commotion in the world. I'...

 How do people get pink eye?

 I got food poisoning and have work tommarow?
I CANT call in sick to work, I've used up all my sick days an honestly will probably get fired. I got food poisoning last night, this morning i had HORRIBLE stomach pains, diarrhea, and i kept ...

 i've got shingles?
my girlfriend has never had chicken pox but she says she has immunity to it as all her sisters and cousins had it but she never caught it. does this mean she wont get it now or should i keep clear ...

 SWINE FLU HELP! Need your advice?
My close girlfriend has every symptom of swine flu (I looked it up on a trusted medical website). She has not been able to get out of the house since monday. She hasnt been able to eat anything for ...

 what are good ways to avoid swine flu?
Prevent Influenza A...

 is a temprature of 99 degrees farenheit considered a fever?
my lil bro whom i am baby siting right now was runing a temp of 101 this morning, i just took his temp and it now is at 99, is this still considered a fever and do you think hes breaking it?...

is swine flu still going about?
i haven't heard anything about in ages is still going around?

It's not real. The vaccination is what kills you.

Yes the H1N1 "swine flu" is still out there but people are becoming more aware and are washing their hands frequently and sanitizing everything so that they don't contract the virus. Thats probably why you have not heard of that many outbreaks lately.

Yepp its still around :D
Everybody in my school got the injection yesterday.

yeah but its a regular flu,
when its a normal flu
my friend has Alto of medical conditions and got a severe mutated flu and avian flu last year and she IS FINE
she got avian flu from the flu vaccine

The only reason of why you haven't heard of H1N1 on the news anymore is because there are no
mass-graves being created due to H1N1, the flu virus has a very low mortality rate, & there's now H1N1 Vaccines for anyone who wants to get Vaccinated.
But yes, the H1N1 Swine Flu still going about, it's still being spread person-to-person all across the world, the 2010 H1N1 Flu Pandemic is still ongoing.

yes swine flu is still in te world. There has been fewer cases now but you can still get it bad. Always wash your hands and cough into your elbow if you need to. If you are away somewhere alllways wash hands or wear hand senitizer. If you haven't got your vaccine yet , you should get it. I had mine it needed hurt one bit. Doctors have proven that the Swine Vaccine does nothing to your body afterwards, and if you are scared talk to your doctor to see if you are allergic to anything in it( you probably will not be because there is not much of anything it it). Don't panic about all that media its basiclly just getting people worried. Soem of my friends have had it and it was just like a normal cold or flu they described to me. So yes It is still going around. ~ Hope I helped you~

Yep it's still going about.. The only reason you haven't heard so much is because the press have now moved on to scaremonger about other news stories.. like we are running out of gas or grit for the roads and causing wide scale panic that way.. You will find less of the virus getting about because the cold weather can encourage people to stay at home and are less likely to mingle with other people and pick up the virus that way.

Yep, definitely.

Yeah it is, i'm just getting over it myself. It's not that bad really.

[email protected]
It is still around, but by reason of the fact the Gov't is trying to sell off it's vast stock of the antivirus, it is obvious the whole thing has been blown up out of all perspective. Swine Flu is no more dangerous than the usual Influenza that afflicts us every year. I've had Swine Flu, no injection and, low and behold, I live.

John R
YES!! There have been about 20 Deaths from Swine Flu in the Area where I live.

Johno P

whizzer 360.
hi obviously yes,my friend is still recouperating from it,she was hospitalized for four days wihith it,i dont know how ling it was that she had it bfore being hospitalized..she said to me that it knocked the stuffing out of her.so the answer to your question is yes its still here.

Missing U

What about spending your time beneath a coconut tree when the coconut is ripe.
Fresh air, picturesque sights - until one nut hits you from above, and you do not get swine flu.
(this is just for laugh, I do not advice it)

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