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akash b
is by donation of blood hiv not spread?

You can get HIV from a blood transfusion IF the blood transfution was carried out like years ago back in the 70s before the used to check for the stuff.
Or if you go to another country and they dont check the blood.

In the UK no blood that has HIV will be used. So if you are in the UK and having or had a transfusion, the blood would be checked prior.

You cant give blood if you are HIV positive.

Oh I had a blood transfution in 2006, 4 pints.... saved my life. so thanks to people who give blood. x

nowadays no because the blood is tested to make sure it is safe but in the old days people would get HIV/AIDS from blood transfusions because the blood was not tested back then.

GOOD QUESTION. - In a populous country like India blood obtained from different Blood donation camps is mostly unsafe for transfusion.Many of the Blood banks do not have proper tools to tick out AIDS virus( Even viral hepatitis-b, malaria), from the blood samples. --- May be two years back, a great disaster had taken place at some big hospitals in Kolkata, where the testing kit was defective and lots of innocent people had been affected with various diseases due to getting unsafe blood in their system.

first i don't think the actually question makes Sense but whatever

the answer: no all blood and blood products that are donated are intensely screened before use and are tested for all infectious blood-bourne diseases. if a blood product was found to be contaminated it would be immediately disposed of by incineration.

also at each blood donation session the donor is asked a Series of questions and any at risk donors are not allowed to donate.

sun shine
i dont understand ur question properly bt lemme make it clear 2 u how HIV spreads-
it spreads thru contact wid contaminated blood as in infected needles or infusion of contaminated blood,from mother 2 child,in direct contact wid contaminated blood

sameer s
no if ur not hiv positive then by donatin blood hiv is not spread
take care while usin syringes
use new ones

Kelly W
If I understand your question, you are asking if someone who has HIV donates blood can another person who receives that blood get it as well. The answer is no, because the blood is tested before it ever goes anywhere to make sure there are no diseases or anything like HIV or AIDS. If it shows up in the blood then it is discarded properly by the health care professionals.

jagadeesh k
no, it will not .

No, not unless several people make some pretty serious mistakes. If the donation process is followed properly HIV cannot be spread through blood donations.

hiv virus spreads mainly by blood itself.....if the person is not usin sterilized needle to withdraw blood....there is a chance....or else its safe....to donate blood

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