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 has anyone had the swine flu injection?
anyone had the swine flu injection is it bad for you? is there any side effects ? ...

 Swine flu= me scared!?
ok, so alot of people are really scared because of the swine flu! so am i! today i woke up with a sore throat, now my sore throat is worse, im also sneezing and i have a stuffy nose, do you have ...

 What is a chicken pox party?

 swine flu...........?
So one of my closest friend has the swine flu and i saw her friday and saturday. we had a sleepover at my house and she slept in my room. i want to know if i have swine flu becuase....I just came ...

 Does cranberry juice really help if you get uti's alot?

 Did he for sure get autism from the vaccine?
Our neighbors son is 6 and he has autism. He is non-verbal and bangs his head a lot and runs around all day. They say that he was completely normal before and was starting to talk and then he got his ...

 Swine Flu Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
At least three hundred people in Australia have Swine Flu! Half of them in my state alone. I saw a person with a mask the other day, and I accidently touched them! Do I have Swine Flu now??????????...

 Does the H1N1 flu shot really prevent H1N1?
I got the H1N1 flu shot, but I heard that the shot doesn't prevent you from getting H1N1, it just lessens the symptoms. Is this true?...

 What's worse, normal flu, or swine flu?
What is more ...

 Can a cold be spread through sharing chapstick???
I currently have a cold and have no idea where or whom I got it from. I remember recently borrowing chapstick from a friend of mine who had a cold. Could this be the reason? Can a cold be spread ...

 Has anyone died from the h1n1 vaccine?

 The Swine Flu pandemic, is it going to kill us all?
I think yes.
How about you, post your opinions....

 Have we seen the last of the swine flu?
i havent heard anything in a long time do you think the scientists were being over dramatic when they said it was going to be a world ...

 18 weeks pregnant and unsure whether to get the flu vaccine?
I have been offered the flu vaccine and I am unsure whether to have it or not.
I asked the doctors and they said that it is my decision but it does have the swine flu vaccine in it aswell and ...

 should I get the swine flu shot? it's free and I have to decide in 5 days?
I'm 17 and in school we got to know that everyone has got the chance to get the vaccine for free but we have to decide within a few days, but I'm not sure, is it a good idea or not?...

 will i die from swine flu?

 is swine flu still going about?
i haven't heard anything about in ages is still going around?...

 Are we all going to die from swine flu?
Is there a cure and are people over reacting and blowing it out of proportion, or is it only poor countires who cant afford ...

 Have a saw throat...?
I have a saw throat... whenever i swallow it hurts at the back of my mouth. When i sleep it gets worse and when i drink something it feels a bit better. yesterday i started coughing even more, and ...

 Can HIV be transmitted by splattered blood into an open wound?
I'm curious if HIV-tainted blood splattered on the open wounds of someone else, could HIV be transmitted this way?
I ask this, oddly enough, because there was a sequence in a Daredevil ...

how dangerous it the swine flu?
there have been reported cases in schools around my area and i just want some info about it..

Alexandrite Min
it kills only younger people, it must be a message from god

Meg M
more people die from the common flu than the swine flu

swine flu is just another form of the flu, the media has really blew this out of proportion.

Bettina Cheyenne
Its very dangerous but its like the flu... You have the same symptoms but they have no cure yet so its very lethal I guess >.< But be careful wash your hands.The simple act of hand-washing has become even more important during the swine flu outbreak, because it can help stop the spread of flu germs. While we now take for granted the importance of hand-washing to prevent colds, the importance of hand-washing was discovered only 150 years ago. <---- http://www.everydayhealth.com/swine-flu.aspx?xid=GSLP&s_kwcid=TC|6122|swine%20flu||S||3511788642&gclid=COLE6Y_KxJwCFUxB5godTnT6ow

just like meg said, less percemtage of deaths from it then from the regular flu.

Gergard Water
i didnt even kno i had it i thot it was herpes

It's bad for everyone, especially children and young aults.
It makes you sick like when you have a cold.
So you have to wash your hands less 30 seconds

For the moment swine flu will make u sick but you probably won't die. It seems more damaging to those who are young, the elderly and especially to those who have health problems. Unfortunately the swine flu is mutating and we don't know the effects it can have on people. Right now if you were diagnosed with the swine flu, you would be placed on tamiflu which appears to help. If it mutates and becomes resistant then we have a problem. Fortunately the government is testing out some new viral medicine simular to the flu shots we get every year but is suppose to be effective against the swine flu.

Im Dirty Diana♥
i had swine flu is like any other flu
dont worry people i didnt spread it :D

1/3 people on earth will have it soon. they said that when i was watching the news though the seriousness of it is still unknown.

Steve B
well............this go round it's not that serious......as was earlier this year......calmed down...unless ya preg,then it is serious still........

It can be deadly for young children,elderly people and anyone with poor health.

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