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 Swine Flu - How many of you have been or know someone affected by H1N1? Include your location.?
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answers quick please!
many thanks

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How to get a fever purposely? Please tell me ASAP.
Example: Taking a bath with lots of ice. Which will cause headache. (Tried it, and got sent home from school =D)

Please I need your ...

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 Is Swine Flu Pandemic really a pandemic?
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 What happens if a person with swine flu gets swine flu vaccine?
does the vaccine cure the ...

 has anyone had the swine flu injection?
anyone had the swine flu injection is it bad for you? is there any side effects ? ...

bladder infection?[i am a girl]?
ik that my picture shows a guy, but i am indeed a girl, who happens to love the name Jimmy.[notice the name to go with my guy pic] anyway, about two days ago, i recently began noticing that it hurt very badly when i peed. and, to go along with that, as if the painful urinating wusnt enough, i also have to pee all the time! literally. as soon as i pee[which hurts very bad!!!!] i walk out of the bathroom, and i have to pee again!! but only to find out that i pee only a little. why is this happening? i think it may be something called a bladder infection that my friend mentioned she had when we were in like fifth grade, but i am now in eighth. WHY DOES THIS HURT!!?!? and how do i get rid of it?!?! and wut is it?!?! please get back to me ASAP! because this is ruining the holidays for me. =[ which sadens me a great deal.
i am very embarrassed to tell me mom, so she can help by taking me to the doctor or something, so please, any other solutions??!
please, i dont want to sound needy, but i am in this situation.. u see, even right now, i am in pain, and probably by the time u read this i will stil be in pain. and i have to pee bad! but i dont want to, cuz not only is it going to turn out to be only a little bit of pee, but also, it hurts, so y would i WANT to relieve myself?!?
thank you.
and, even tho it seems that i will not be enjoying the holidays due to this unfortunate situation, i hope you enjoy the hoilidays!
and please do ur best to help. and very detailed and long as you possibly can willl be very much appreciated! =]
p.s.[one more time i swear!]

You may have a urinary tract infection. You need to see a doctor to find out for sure. The only way to cure a urinary tract infection is to take antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. If left untreated, urinary tract infections can cause kidney damage.
Drinking more water and cranberry juice will help prevent infections in the future, but will NOT cure an infection you already have. Suggesting that drinking water and cranberry juice can cure an infection is dangerous. Antibiotics ARE necessary, to avoid kidney damage.

bonfires: Where do you live? In the US, you need a prescription from a doctor to get antibiotics. You can not get them over the counter. Also, herbal medicines will not cure urinary tract infections. The only way to cure urinary tract infections is to take antibiotics.

ABC Puppy
This sounds like a U.T.I, or a urinary tract infection. You need to go to the doctor, and I know you are embarrassed to tell your mom, but it's incredibly important that you see a doctor. PLEASE go tell your mom, dad or other adult you trust right away!!!

dwaraka n
all it appears to be an urinary tract infection ---need to consult a doctor for culture and sensitivity of the urine and first morning urine --that will show the infecting bacteria and to what antibiotic it is sensitive ---do it first

Atheists for Obama
go to the doctor immediatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Have you evern had a bladder infection? They are not that uncommon! I have had like 3 and im in 7th grade! Tell your mom because there is nothing to be embaressed about just say I think I have a Bladder infection can you take me to the doctor! I throw up when I have them from the pain so you could throw up just get your mom to take you to the doctor there is nothing to be embarresed about...I even told my dad i dont care!

Hate to tell you but you need to tell your mom and go to the Dr. to get something to cure your cystitis. It's not going to go away on its own. Once it is gone you can help keep it from recurring by drinking extra so that you have to go pee more often (but not like now and won't be painful). If you ever think it's starting up again drink a lot of cranberry juice and if that doesn't stop it get back to the Dr. again.

Mr Cellophane
bladder infections are nothing to be embarrassed about. An infection can cause the urethra to swell which does not allow you bladder to fully drain. Tell your mom, you could need antibiotics so you can recover while you still have holidays to enjoy.

Drink LOTS of water and cranberry juices...it should clear up in a couple of days. Otherwise see a doctor

Sheltie Lover
The quickest temporary relief is an over the counter med called AZO.

It will control that maddening "gotta go, gotta go" feeling until you can get in to the doctor, which is a good idea to do, as the only effective bladder infection medication is prescription!

Don't let this go on too long. Without proper medication, it will just get worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


google bladder infection and it does sound like you have one. see if you can go to the grocery store tomorrow...some safeways are open and see if they have a bladder control medication.

moms will understand....that's what we are about...and girls do get bladder infections...from holding their urine...too long, from too tight pants, from not changing undies as often as needed, not drinking enough water...lots of different reasons.

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