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Mrs.Nick Jonas
Yesterday i had the stomach flu, and i feel much better today , but still feel weak,wats the best thing 2 do?
meaning whats the best thing to eat and physically do?

L. Rubyberg
7-UP and saltines until you can eat real food again, and then don't over do it.

sarah p
rest !!! have lots of fluids, fresh squeezed oj and broth or some tea or ginger ale to help settle stomach

just drink a lot of fluids,
and get a lot of rest.
yeah i know its not the most fun thing to do,
but it works.

C. A. N.
Drink warm tea, (with honey and lemon, if you like).

Chicken soup also, it's really good for you.

Chicken broth is good for you, also.

Dry toast or cracker to go with the soup.

& don't forget water, always drink plenty of water.

Get plenty of rest.

Hope you feel better.

Just rest until you have your normal energy levels back. Drink plenty of non-irritating liquids, and eat bland food until you get over the queasiness in your tummy. Crackers, toast, and soup are all good examples of bland food ideas.

Rest. Drink plenty of fluids such as gatorade. Don't eat anything rich such as greasy foods. Bread, soup, milk, bananas and yogurt are great things to eat after you've been sick.
Feel better!

Katie L
Water, Rest, Water, Rest... but try to at least get some vitamins and food groups in, but nothing heavy. I'd say some fruit and maybe if you can stomach it some light soup. Go easy, but try to get all your protiens/iron etc back up.

Impish Jerome
drink some grape juice, not grape punch, not grape drink, not grape soda, the real grape juice or grape juice from concentrate.

There's no stomach flu. Influenza is a respiratory illness. You may have viral gastroenteritiis and if you had it yesterday, you have it today as well.

I don't know what your major symptom(s) is/are -- diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain. Eat small, frequent meals. For diarrhea use the BRAT diet until stools are more solid for 25 hours before reintroducing regular foods. Keep up fluid intake and avoid very cold drinks. Closer to room temp is best for now. And rest. If diarrhea persists beyond 3 days, use an antidiarrheal. Viral gastroenteritis is self-limited and doesn't usually last beyond 3 or 4 days.

well your body needs liquid and it also need electrolights so you can drink gatorade or something with electrolights..... but yeah make sure you get lots of these kinds of liquid- water wont cut it alone! Feel better! :)

Bb B
drink water

Rest, lots of fluids... avoid heavy foods (stick with broth for the day)

drink plenty of water. stay indoors and lay around. try not to do that much physical activity and you should feel better with in a few days

drink soup stay in bed, you might not feel to good tomarrow, and relax, oh and take a shower, it gets the germs out!

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