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 swine flu...........?
So one of my closest friend has the swine flu and i saw her friday and saturday. we had a sleepover at my house and she slept in my room. i want to know if i have swine flu becuase....I just came ...

 Does cranberry juice really help if you get uti's alot?

 Did he for sure get autism from the vaccine?
Our neighbors son is 6 and he has autism. He is non-verbal and bangs his head a lot and runs around all day. They say that he was completely normal before and was starting to talk and then he got his ...

 Swine Flu Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
At least three hundred people in Australia have Swine Flu! Half of them in my state alone. I saw a person with a mask the other day, and I accidently touched them! Do I have Swine Flu now??????????...

 Does the H1N1 flu shot really prevent H1N1?
I got the H1N1 flu shot, but I heard that the shot doesn't prevent you from getting H1N1, it just lessens the symptoms. Is this true?...

 What's worse, normal flu, or swine flu?
What is more ...

 Can a cold be spread through sharing chapstick???
I currently have a cold and have no idea where or whom I got it from. I remember recently borrowing chapstick from a friend of mine who had a cold. Could this be the reason? Can a cold be spread ...

 Has anyone died from the h1n1 vaccine?

 The Swine Flu pandemic, is it going to kill us all?
I think yes.
How about you, post your opinions....

 Have we seen the last of the swine flu?
i havent heard anything in a long time do you think the scientists were being over dramatic when they said it was going to be a world ...

 18 weeks pregnant and unsure whether to get the flu vaccine?
I have been offered the flu vaccine and I am unsure whether to have it or not.
I asked the doctors and they said that it is my decision but it does have the swine flu vaccine in it aswell and ...

 should I get the swine flu shot? it's free and I have to decide in 5 days?
I'm 17 and in school we got to know that everyone has got the chance to get the vaccine for free but we have to decide within a few days, but I'm not sure, is it a good idea or not?...

 will i die from swine flu?

 is swine flu still going about?
i haven't heard anything about in ages is still going around?...

 Are we all going to die from swine flu?
Is there a cure and are people over reacting and blowing it out of proportion, or is it only poor countires who cant afford ...

 Have a saw throat...?
I have a saw throat... whenever i swallow it hurts at the back of my mouth. When i sleep it gets worse and when i drink something it feels a bit better. yesterday i started coughing even more, and ...

 Can HIV be transmitted by splattered blood into an open wound?
I'm curious if HIV-tainted blood splattered on the open wounds of someone else, could HIV be transmitted this way?
I ask this, oddly enough, because there was a sequence in a Daredevil ...

 Why is everyone so worried about the swine flu?
What makes it so severe?...

 It's about the swine flu?
I've never heard of the swine fly til now. I'm kinda concerned about it, but my parents aren't, including my dad.

Is the swine flu anything to worry about or are they just ...

 Can you get AIDS from sipping off of someone?
I dont mean to be cold, but my friend may have it and i sipped off of her quite a lot & im kinda scared....

What is your opinion on the Swine Flu epidemic?

It's a hybred flue brought on by fllthty condictions on pig farms.

Swine Flu ? Forgot all about it already.Dont believe the hype.

Then again maybe this was just a "trial" run to see how the public reacts.

Mass hysteria?
Mass paranoia?

My opinion is :bad

is that still goin on??

The First Dragon
My opinion could change at any time; it has changed already as events progressed.
Early reports had it causing death in healthy adults; an alarming scenario. But since it left Mexico, it seems not to be doing that. It seems to be highly contagious and make people sick like any other flu, more or less; and they get over it in a few days. It is not closely related to any other flu we've had in the past few decades, so people don't have any cross-immunity to it. This just means that it is generally easier to catch.
It started "out of season," in the Spring of the Northern Hemisphere, which is unusual for a flu. So we'll be watching the Southern Hemisphere, where Winter is coming, to see how it goes. And in a few months there will be a vaccine.

Richard Head
uh...it sux as>s?

I've had chemo so I am similar to children with this flu. We are more susceptible because we haven't been exposed to a range of flu's like adults have.

This is a new strain so they reckon 1 in 3 adults will get it........So look out kids, schools will be closing soon.

If you've ever had the Flu then that's what you can look forward to. 2 weeks of DVD's and Oprah/Ellen.

Sorry, I'm talking from an Australian perspective. it's geeting wintry and it's on the increases here.

That some people are over-reacting about it.
(from Austrailia)

Let's Save The World

that is my opinion.

People tried to tell me not to go to this concert this weekend coz they said I'd get it. I was like, hey, if I get it I get it. No biggie. A week off school. And you weren't so worried about me getting crushed in the moshpit.

And I was at this comedy thing the other night and they guy spent like half an hour doing swine flu jokes. How am i supposed to take it seriously now?

Craig C
Just WHO haven't declared a pandemic doesn't mean it already isn't one. This virus can and probably will mutate in unpredictable ways and it will one day become resistant to tamiflu and other such drugs.

It is not much right now. What we have to worry about is when it mutates and cold weather comes.

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