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 Can HIV be transmitted by splattered blood into an open wound?
I'm curious if HIV-tainted blood splattered on the open wounds of someone else, could HIV be transmitted this way?
I ask this, oddly enough, because there was a sequence in a Daredevil ...

 Why is everyone so worried about the swine flu?
What makes it so severe?...

 It's about the swine flu?
I've never heard of the swine fly til now. I'm kinda concerned about it, but my parents aren't, including my dad.

Is the swine flu anything to worry about or are they just ...

 Can you get AIDS from sipping off of someone?
I dont mean to be cold, but my friend may have it and i sipped off of her quite a lot & im kinda scared....

 was the mexican swine flu started by some kind of hybrid half man half pig?
recently after listening to i believe it was fox news they presented a theory of a biblical half man half pig that has come from mexico to bring back the black plague. could this be true?...

 how do you get rid of the swine flu?

 HELP! has anyone ever had a picc line iv? ?
I have to get one coming March. im actually really nervous so if you have ANY information please please help me out! I have to get one for late stage Lyme's disease if knowing that helps......

 Have I got swine flu?
My symptoms are as followed,
Lethargic, sore throat, sneezing, running nose, cloudy head, temperature 100F, i ache everywhere, I find am also finding it hard to concentrate on things my eyes ...

 Is there a cure for AIDS?
Is there a cure for AIDS, and how did majic johnson obtain such that he has not transmitted it to his wife?, Will there be one or is there one in other countries at this present ...

 What caused the swine flu?
I heard that it was caused by people working with pigs and getting a illness from pig to person, but this flu is person to person. How did this happen? thank you!...

I live in san antonio tx where the 2 people were sick with this flu and i am freaking out!!!! I have a 4 month old, and i work at a hair kutting place where i'm in contact with lots of people, I&...

 Can a Urinary Tract Infection ever go away on it's own?
I definately had one two days ago but I feels like it was going away yesterday and today I can't feel anything at all. Do you think I still have it and it the symptoms will return? Thanks....

 Do I got swine Flu???????
Well I was wondering if I have it.I Live in Alberta and am 16. I have a sore trout for the last 3 days and can not talk at times, I am coughing a lot, my hip are sore for no reason now, and I have ...

 What's that medicine called that you take at the first sign of a cold to knock it out before it really hits?
My sister is feeling a cold coming on and has a trip planned for later this week and wants to try to shake it before she leaves. Does anyone know that medicine that'll get rid of it in like ...

 Is 0 Negative a rare blood type?

 Could you get AIDS from your own blood ?
I don't know, but like me and my friend was talking about how I lick my blood and stuff, and like she told me that I could AIDS . I don't know . Lol . Someone speak the truth ....

 could I have the Swine Flu?
I've been sick for a few days.

I have a sore throat

a terrible headache.

I did have a runny nose but that went away.

my eyes are tired and my face ...

 can you catch diseases from kissing?
I've been told that you can catch diseases when kissing,is this true? and what disease is this?...

 Do I have swine flu???????????????
I have a headache, my body's aching, i have a runny nose and a stuffy nose, i sneeze sometimes, i have a headache, a very sore throat, but i dont have a fever. is it swine flu or the regular ...

 Yes or No to H1N1 Vaccination?
So Monday I am supposed to go in for my H1N1 vaccination. Well it's not manditory. There are a number of ppl who aren't planning on getting the vaccination because they don't believe ...

hey good looking ;)
What's worse, normal flu, or swine flu?
What is more deadly

aids kills all

Normal flu is what i've been told.

normal flu kills a higher persentage of people who have it, however swine flu can spread more easily at the moment, as nobody is immune to it (where as many people have flu shots). Swine flu is not that serious, in the majority of cases the syptoms are move like a nasty cold.

Well, swine flu is obviously more emotionally draining. Everyone is making such a big deal out of it, when really, it's just a different strain of the flu. Worrying can be deadly, too!!

Alice C
any flu is a potential killer.

Swine flu is something new that we have no immunity against, when it hits its going to hit hard.

Most people have never experienced real flu, what we call flu is just a bad cold. Flu will have you in bed literally unable to lift your head from the pillow let alone move around.

Swine flu will be far worse and will effect the young, old, sick and some that are just susceptible. The problem is every time it moves from person to person it can change / mutate.

Medical staff are playing this down, but the reality is if it goes wrong we could be facing something like the Polio epidemic of the 40's/50's; vast numbers of infected people.

For now the symptoms seem mild'ish, lets hope it stays that way!!

my cousin has it , she says its same as flu but the coughing and sweats are worse, i was with her all weekend :s she was diagnosed on monday.

Swine flu is spreading more quickly, so that's more deadly. However lethality is pretty much the same for any flu, but as swine flu mutates it could become much worse. Who knows.

Flu is deadly
Swine Flu is deadlier

swine flu to both. I have had both.

I had swine flu. It was pretty bad, and it had me down for 8 days in bed. I couldn't talk, think, read. only sleep. I have asthma so it took a toll on my lungs and I was with a sort of whooping cough for about a month. It was by far the worst pain.They told me I had to be out of school for 7 days if I had the flu, so either way that person is probably out. You never know though. That sickness spreads fast. The doctor was so scared of getting it she talked through a crack in the door & we both had masks!

my symptoms were: I was fine, healthy happy. Monday night my throat was sore & Tuesday morning I couldn't even get out of bed. cough, my head felt filled with bricks. My body ached. It felt 1000 degrees. I was in so much pain. Wednesday I had a low fever and it went up. The fever left, but the symptoms didn't . if you show ANY of these symptoms take them to the doctor right away.

and to the people saying only fat people get it. I'm not fat. Im 100 lbs and 5'4". It is WAY worse than the normal flu. Please don't listen to anybody who tell you it isnt. UNLESS YOU HAD IT YOU CANNOT SPEAK! oh and there is no medicine. They don't recommend tylonol or any of that.

Tom Muzic
With 'normal flu' your immunse system is used to the changes and can fight correctly against the virus, but with Swine Flu it is always mutating and changing therefore your body does not know how to defend you.

Swine Flu is worse.

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