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 Swine flu= me scared!?
ok, so alot of people are really scared because of the swine flu! so am i! today i woke up with a sore throat, now my sore throat is worse, im also sneezing and i have a stuffy nose, do you have ...

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 The Swine Flu pandemic, is it going to kill us all?
I think yes.
How about you, post your opinions....

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I asked the doctors and they said that it is my decision but it does have the swine flu vaccine in it aswell and ...

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 Why is everyone so worried about the swine flu?
What makes it so severe?...

Stephanie k
Traveling w/ 1 year old, should I have him wear a mask or don't worry because of the swine flu?
I am that type that constantly washes my hands and carries antibacterial wipes and purell. I am very cautious, washing my hands before and after the bathroom and opening and closing everything in the public restroom with a paper towel. I know it's at a level 5, there are people who get the swine flu and recover but I'm talking about my son, if your a mom and a first time one at that you go crazy with the details. I'm not a freak of cleaniness, just a worried mother about her entire world that is wrapped up into a little person? Or should I just RELAX and travel normally without him wearing the mask?

if you're traveling to Mexico then yes wear the mask but if you're not then don't scare him, just go on like normal

Do not travel unless you have to . But if you have to travel you and your kid should wear mask and do what you usually do : wash your hand often , use antibacterial wipes , do not stay in crowded places.

The mask is a false sense of security just like gates at an apartment complex. The masks won't do anything. The pores are so big that the virus can slip right through unimpeded.

H1N1 has infected 154 people in the US I believe...or total I can't remember. Either way...how many millions of people are there in the US alone? The odds are with you. Relax.

50,000 people die of the regular flu each season. Not 1 American has died yet (the one in Texas was Mexican brought to Texas for treatment). The only reason people are dying in Mexico is because their healthcare is horrible. It's not an untreatable thing. The media is making a huge deal out of this because they need the ratings and the like "doomsday" stories. Relax, don't worry about it. You have a greater chance of catching a cold or the regular flu. People need to just stop believing the hype the media puts into everything...just like how they caused some of the gas shortages in the Southeast last year when there wasn't a shortage to begin with.

You're not crazy for worrying!
But, I thought I heard something about this flu being easily transmitted by touch, so the mask isn't really helping.
Maybe it would help him keep his hands out of his mouth though!

Check out my sources, they have both sides of the mask debate

Im a mommy of a 16 months old baby girl. Im going to be flying with her also. Now where as i don't believe this swine flu is quite the huge epidemic the media is making out to be in the case of my baby if i could get her to keep a mask on then i would have her wear one on the plane just as a precaution. But if your son is anything like my daughter the mask doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of staying on his face. id just recommend bring purell and be aware of your surroundings if there are people around you with the sniffles just kindly request to be reseated. There is a article on the cnn news board online that answers a lot of questions telling you a lot about how to react top this "pandemic". Im a worry wart when it comes to my madison too. But i think we all need to take a deep breath and relax.. over 30,000 people contract the regular flu in the us a year. and only 109 cases of this swine flu have been reported.... so good luck i hope all the best for you and your son!

Well you never know when the right time to relax is. One of the schools by my house was shut down for a week because of this flu, and I live in Northern California. If your son is your world then protect him at every chance you have. I'm sure you heard about the 22 month old in Texas that died from this flu. Young children are more susceptible to any type of virus, and I wouldn't risk it if it were my child. Do what you feel you need to do as a mother to protect your son. Don't worry about ridicule, because the truth is you never know when something could happen, especially when traveling. Planes are very dirty, with a lot of air borne viruses because of all the different passengers on board. I say just do it.

Wicked Bad Nonsense
Get over it, he'll be fine.

The masks are useless once they get wet anyway (as in, drool or breath condensation) and might even make transmission of the virus easier.

We're not all gonna die.

i think you should make him wear a mask, but if you are clean and like dont touch anyone like that and well depends where you are going if you are going to mexico you should or if your going to a place where that the swine flu is then yeah

Were are you going ? If your thinking about going to mexico, i would rethink it. If your staying in the united states you should be fine, just wash your hands. If he or anyone comes down with a flu or starts to have a high fever then go right to the doctor.

I understand your concern, Do you absolutely have to travel? IF you can avoid traveling, it would be best for you. Otherwise, you will worry yourself to death.

Me personally - we are not traveling till this whole thing ends. My husband is the in Army and was going to take leave so we could go see our family members. But now we are staying here in Georgia. There are no cases here yet and I think the best thing to do is keep it that way by staying home or only going to necessarily places!

P.s. the people saying get over it and yada yada are the people on this earth that need to be infected I'm sick of useless stupid people. THIS IS A INFECTIOUS DISEASE PEOPLE. Ever hear the saying don't think it can't happen to you because it can! It is spreading fast throughout different states and the cases are rising.

My cousins g/f is being looked at as a case. *my family lives in pennsylvania* and if she has it well Gosh only knows how many of my family will have it.

If you are a good mother and worry about your children then you will do the best thing and that is either take extra precautions or stay the heck home.

∞ warrior soul
wow you're still going to travel? I'd hold off until the flu burns itself out more. You're small one is very susceptible because of your incessant cleanliness. He probably doesn't have the immune system to fight this flu. Plus added with his age, he is a target waiting to get hit. I'm not judging you or your cleanliness, but because of that cleanliness your child hasn't the immune system other children may have. you have to come in contact with bacterium and virus's to become immune to them. So please be careful. A child won't keep a mask on for very long, and you can't protect him from air without it.

I have recently heard that you shouldn't go on a plane unless you absolutely need to because the so called Swine flu.Yes be very cautious considering that it is contagious and it transfers human to human.

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