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 The Swine Flu pandemic, is it going to kill us all?
I think yes.
How about you, post your opinions....

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Sick question............... BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!!?
ok so i called my doctor finally called my doctor about this cold/ mild fever I have been having since Monday night. (thanks to the people who answered my question before!) I know call me crazy for not contacting them. But anyway so the doctor said that I had a viral infection, or a really long lasting cold. So I have a few questions about it. How should I treat this? Any tips? You don't have to answer this but does anyone know what a viral infection is? What should I do while Im stuck home all weekend? (i mean like how do I cure it at home) Has anyone else had this? ANY TIPS/ANSWERS/ THEORIES/EVEN IDEAS ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!! thanks sooooo much and if you put the link to yours up here I will try to answer it.

Are you like VERY stupid, what was the doctor or, or did he play an advisory role? Didn't u ask him what it was or how to cure it.
You are ******* dumb.

A viral infection is the flu or a cold. Drink plenty of fluids a stay warm.

A viral infection is one caused by a virus. At present, viral infections cannot be treated with antibiotics. In layman's term is means that you treat the symptoms and wait for your antibodies to overpower the cold virus.

As far as what to do while your at home, just try to relax and take your medicine religiously. Some studies have shown that eating chicken soup helps in the process of healing.

Entertainment is anything you want it to be, but just keep things relaxing. Talking on the phone, watching tv, reading a book, playing video games, and the list goes on...

Just keep in mind that it takes a couple of weeks to recover from the cold and its even worse if one of your family member gets it, because it might start a cycle since the cold virus might mutate. Keep your family on a high vitamin C intake to keep their immune system healthy.

you should of asked you doctor sweetheart

why didnt you ask the doctor when you called him?

If your doctor didn't tell you what to do then you need to find a new doctor, and go ask him. You really shouldn't ask medical advice on a place like this because you never know what answer you will get. You might end up hurting your self or making things worse by taking the advice of someone who really doesn't know what they are talking about.

What if I told you that the cure was to dunk your head under water for 10 minutes? Would you do that? I would sure hope not.

Hi, a viral infection really means that you have a virus and that usually triggers a fever. The best way to treat it is to get lots of bed rest, eat healthy, drink a lot of fluids, and wash your hands often to keep clean. Soon you will get better!! Same goes for a long lasting cold.

Viral infections is a virus in your throat that destroys your cells to multiply. Antiviral antibiotics are available for some types of viral infections — but not all. Taking antibacterial antibiotics when you have a viral infection won't treat the viral infection and may even be harmful. Consult your doctor for advice on a specific condition.
.LOTS of sleep. Vitamin C should help too i would think.

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my cousin had the same thing. drink plenty of fluids and mix pedialite with it. dont eat full meals, eat small portions. my cousin had this for about 2 weeks. relax and sleep a lot. watch tv and stay in bed

My mom had a viral infection a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to cure it. If it was bacterial, they could have given you antibiotics. Drink plenty of fluids, rest and take OTC medicine to lessen your symptoms. Have plenty to read or movies to watch and just take it easy. Hope you feel better soon!

there is no way of treating a viral infection as they are not susceptible to antibiotics. you just have to sit back and allow your immune system to get rid of it.

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