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·.·*`•Nikki•´ *♥
I'm actually scared about swine flu!?
My friend's mum has diagnosed swine flu, but obviously my friend has had contact with her (my friend doesn't have swine flu) but I've been avoiding her just in case she does get it because I have a feeling it's gonna get passed to me!

I have asthma, and today the first "healthy" (no other health problems) person died of swine flu in the UK.

I live in a large city, chances are many other people have swine flu, and I'm just really scared, somehow, someone will pass it to me and I will die.

I've been sneezing a lot today, which made me think I had it, but then I remembered I already have grass/tree pollen hayfever, so that was *probably* it.

Anybody else panicking? How contagious is it - I spoke to my friend for like 15 minutes today before she mentioned her mum had swine flu and I freaked out?

I don't want to die! :'(

Morgan Davenport
Obviously it is serious but just like the flu it is for the most part only serious if your a young child or elderly. I'm sure you will be ok. If you healthy and you take the necessary precautions I'm sure you will be just fine!

Don't be scared! Just take precautions...If you fear it and all you think about is not getting swine flu...chances are you'll end up getting it. And it's not as big of a deal as they make it. Sure, maybe it's a bit more serious than the usual cold but you should be fine.

Hey !!
Ok, Calm down. At first, I was freaked out too but don't worry. Swine flu is basically just like any other flu. Most people that die from it are either really young, people that already have a sickness (such as cancer, etc.) , or real older people. Don't worry about it!! Just wash your hands and keep clean, you should be fine.

kid on the block
I can understand why you are worried with the effects of swine flu and asthma but try not to panic. Make sure you wash your hands before you eat and don't bite your nails, a lot of flu viruses come in through the mouth.
If it is flu you run a temperature, have a headache and usually muscle aches as well. Contact your gp if you have these symptoms or NHS24 / NHSdirect at the weekend. You will feel lousy with flu but especially if you get the tamiflu then there is every chance that you will make a full recovery even if you do have asthma.

Andy B
if your going to catch it you will even if you just sit in and dont go out its air born and very easy to contract. but dont panic if in doubt contact nhs direct

Don't worry. Because if you never get it you'll be angry with yourself for getting stressed over nothing. It's just because it's on the news that you worry. 1000s of healthy people in the UK die of normal flu each year; with swine flu it's the same because everyone is at risk. In the UK, there are hardly any swine flu deaths compared to the amount of people that actually have it. Loads have survived. Stop worrying. Life is life and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

♥ Rockii ♥
I'm sure you won't die. My mum's asthmatic so I'm a bit worried as well. It's just a great a risk as being young or old, so I wouldn't worry too much. I've been a bit paranoid just lately about getting it, like everytime I sneeze or cough I'm like "oooh swine flu" lol. Let's hope it's just like a really bad cold and we can get over it quickly if we happen to get it

kaytlyn b
wow, its really not as bad as you think. its unfortunate that someone died but still very rare, just wash your hands periodically and maybe avoid sharing food and drink. relax. breathe. you'll be fine. :)

Swine flu is just as contagious as the normal flu but so you dont worry about it, the normal flu kills more people annually than the swine flu does.

I'm really freaked out by it, too
I guess there's nothing we can do but keep an eye on ourselves

When I first heard about the flu I looked at this website and it calmed me down a little bit. Hope it works for you!

: hippiechick :
yer i think w're all panicking whether we admit it to anyone else or not. theres medication and as long as you follow the hygiene advice im sure we'll be ok.keep eating healthy to boost your immune system, ojuice(vit c) is a really good one.and plenty of water i know waters borring but if you do get the virus it will flush it out quicker.
hope that helped a lil? :)

Nah. Whats the point? We all know the worlds overdue for a pandemic, so this must be it. We can't stand against mother natures immune system. Try to see this as a time of reckoning, and don't forget, we are what we eat. So try to stay away from pig.

virtual insanity
Do you have a thermometer at home? One of the first signs is a really high fever. Not just mild- very high.

If you start to feel bad and have a super high fever, its time for the doctor. Otherwise, don't worry. I hope your friend's mom feels better soon.

Old Cynic
Fatality levels from swine flu seem to be significantly lower (so far) than for the simple usual seasonal flu. Always remember flu is very serious and kills people. These are usually elderly people, people with respiratory problems, or who are immuno-compromised. But some are perfectly healthy.

Don't worry about swine flu any more than you would worry about other types of flu, which seem to cause more fatalities.

A vaccine was originally expected around December, but the Department of Health say this may come much sooner than expected. Elderly people will get the vaccine first. If you think you will need it, ask for it at the time.

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