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 was the mexican swine flu started by some kind of hybrid half man half pig?
recently after listening to i believe it was fox news they presented a theory of a biblical half man half pig that has come from mexico to bring back the black plague. could this be true?...

 how do you get rid of the swine flu?

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 Have I got swine flu?
My symptoms are as followed,
Lethargic, sore throat, sneezing, running nose, cloudy head, temperature 100F, i ache everywhere, I find am also finding it hard to concentrate on things my eyes ...

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 What caused the swine flu?
I heard that it was caused by people working with pigs and getting a illness from pig to person, but this flu is person to person. How did this happen? thank you!...

I live in san antonio tx where the 2 people were sick with this flu and i am freaking out!!!! I have a 4 month old, and i work at a hair kutting place where i'm in contact with lots of people, I&...

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 Do I got swine Flu???????
Well I was wondering if I have it.I Live in Alberta and am 16. I have a sore trout for the last 3 days and can not talk at times, I am coughing a lot, my hip are sore for no reason now, and I have ...

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 could I have the Swine Flu?
I've been sick for a few days.

I have a sore throat

a terrible headache.

I did have a runny nose but that went away.

my eyes are tired and my face ...

 can you catch diseases from kissing?
I've been told that you can catch diseases when kissing,is this true? and what disease is this?...

 Do I have swine flu???????????????
I have a headache, my body's aching, i have a runny nose and a stuffy nose, i sneeze sometimes, i have a headache, a very sore throat, but i dont have a fever. is it swine flu or the regular ...

 Yes or No to H1N1 Vaccination?
So Monday I am supposed to go in for my H1N1 vaccination. Well it's not manditory. There are a number of ppl who aren't planning on getting the vaccination because they don't believe ...

 Can anyone tell me the difference between swine flu and normal flu?If it is just the same why all the panic?

 Is it possible for a person to contract the H1N1 virus from a person who had the live nasal vaccine?
As a doctor, I've heard this question many times. It alarms me that the public isn't educated on the risks and percentages of a vaccine that has cause so much commotion in the world. I'...

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I CANT call in sick to work, I've used up all my sick days an honestly will probably get fired. I got food poisoning last night, this morning i had HORRIBLE stomach pains, diarrhea, and i kept ...

welly boots
Have we seen the last of the swine flu?
i havent heard anything in a long time do you think the scientists were being over dramatic when they said it was going to be a world epidemic

Yes it was all a load of hogwash

whizzer 360.
it seems that people have nothing else to do, but cause world wide hysteria.its not only a dumb thing to do,but its costly as well.theyre scaring the pants off people.

Where have you been hiding? The pandemic was a complete fake cooked up by the drug companies in cahoots with the WHO. Less people died of flu last year than normally do.

its still around just the media stoped blowing it up

no - viruses dont go away - they have been on this planet longer than humans and most likely will be here when were gone - a person can acquire immunity through vaccine or past exposure or even genetic make-up - also many viruses mutate and become drug resistant creating a new strain of an old virus

it is stil a problem just not as bad now as we are containing it and treatment is working to combat this flu

Chris Cheung
Currently it's still alive and well, but does not pose a big threat. The swine flu however evolves quickly (and has evolved already), so if we're not careful and forget about it, then it could become a world epidemic very quickly.

In some parts of the world, the swine flu is still affecting populations too.

It is still around and likely to continue circulating in the northern hemisphere when flu season rolls around again. Fortunately it was mild overall, but it was still a pandemic. It also resulted in 3-4 times the number of deaths in children than usual for influenza. The definition of a pandemic relates to the spread of the disease, not the severity. There was no way to know when it started how severe it might be, so people involved in planning for pandemics had to prepare for the worst.

kelly d
There have been flu epidemics before that have wiped out a large portion of the worlds population, and our treatment for the flu has not changed much at all over the years. If scientists didnt say anything and there was a pandemic I'm sure people would have been more upset than they were when the scientists turned out to be wrong.

And to the peple who say its a giant conspiracy by the drug companies, I dont understand it.

Take a cholesterol drug like lipitor... costs probably $100 a month, maybe a bit more. Someone starts on that and they pay $100 a month for years and years and years.

Take a vaccine, you get it one time only, and you never get it again. Its not like these vaccines cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to buy... except the HPV shot i guess.

Swine flu was only a variation of our "normal" flu. The remedy was always the same - go to bed, take paracetamol and drink lots of water. But don't worry - there will be another scare next year!

Hello, no we haven't seen the last of swine flu, it is still circulating and still has the ability to become dangerous. The fact is that swine flu was a pandemic/epidemic a pandemic is when a disease has spread all around the world and infecting allot of the population, even if it is not deadly. But for a disease to become a pandemic i need to have one viral or bacterial agent behind it, in this case the novel (new) swine flu virus, this is why the common cold or regular flu does not have pandemic status as they are caused by different types of bacterial or viral agents causing similar symptoms.

Many people answering this question say that the media and government overreacted, but they had every right to. In 1918 there was a an outbreak of a different strain of h1N1 virus known as the Spanish flu. The first wave was mild and unconcerning only the young or very old were seriously affected just like in the case of the novel swine flu strain, the same strain then Proceed to kill 100 million people (6% of the world population) most of them healthy adults. This is what made the government scared and along with the fact that the novel strain crossed to almost every country in the space of a few weeks made the media hype it up. Preliminary tests even showed it could be deadlier. This was a perfect recipe for a deadly pandemic and so everybody panicked. We should count ourselves lucky the actual virus caused mild symptoms.

The last thing that is worrying about swine flu is that it is relatively new. This means that it has to mutate and even assimilate over flu viruses genes into its own, for example if you infected a pig with the novel swine flu and a deadly strain of avian flu it could create a chimera virus that was deadly and fast spreading. This is a very real threat.

So doctors and scientist had to be over dramatic, it's like seeing the early signs of a tsunami you don't wait to see what happens. Hope this was not to much to read :)

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