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I live in san antonio tx where the 2 people were sick with this flu and i am freaking out!!!! I have a 4 month old, and i work at a hair kutting place where i'm in contact with lots of people, I&...

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 could I have the Swine Flu?
I've been sick for a few days.

I have a sore throat

a terrible headache.

I did have a runny nose but that went away.

my eyes are tired and my face ...

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 Do I have swine flu???????????????
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 what are good ways to avoid swine flu?
Prevent Influenza A...

 is a temprature of 99 degrees farenheit considered a fever?
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 how many people in the USA have died of the swine flu ?

 swine flu thing i got it?
hey i have some of the symptoms of it like i have a sore throat and light cough and i feel a little tired and some of bones ach a little. but to let you no no vomiting or feaver or dierea im taking ...

Ahsin S
Have a saw throat...?
I have a saw throat... whenever i swallow it hurts at the back of my mouth. When i sleep it gets worse and when i drink something it feels a bit better. yesterday i started coughing even more, and today when i woke up and icoughed, i could feel the pain around my chest. Anything i can do to make this go away? the GP is closed today so i cant go there for help. Someone help me:(

And I have hammer toes. Bet my tool is bigger than yours! :-)

Browns 1963
Chainsaw ?

dont worry

it a virual invection
it causes from the weather everone got it atm.

go to the chemist and get some cough mixture and rest. drink water.

Page E
hot orange squash ! trust instant tempoary pain relief!

Philip C
some simple ways of helping with sore throats:
1)pour several teaspoons of salt in a cup wityh water, mix it then gargle it a few times, it tastes horrible so don't swallow any
2)honey and lemon juice in a mug then add boiling water. this tastes better and also helps
3)constantly drink liquids, especially fruit juices (high acid levels)
4) throat sweets

by the way dont go on the video link sent by Schriever D, it tried downloading and my antivirus detected a trojan

gargling with salt water was suggested by my gp when i had a very sore throat a while ago, i have just searched the web and nowhere says it is unsafe, several sources claim it does/doesn't work all I know is that it worked for me and had no adverse effects. also ask yahoo says it helps and is not dangerous as well as several other sources (including the nhs)

get some fizzy paracodol and gargle with them.it works wonders for sore throats.as for ur cough buy some cough medicine from ur local chemist.hope this helps u and u feel better soon.

Sam !x
get some lavender tablets they help sooth and sleep

♀ ♡'s you
I eat hot soup and gargle with hot water and salt, OH also I drink hot tea with lemon and honey

take some loratab Oxycontin oxcycodone dexedrine advil that sould do it

One. Its sore not saw
and two cough medicine

Please punctuate properly, folks
Beechams powders or Lemsip. Hydrate yourself. it will pass.

cough drops for the throat pain. Take some cough syrup to coat your throat and fight whatever is making you sick. I take tea with honey, the honey really helps and the heat from the tea soothes the pain. I also use a heating pad on my chest when it hurts. Hope this helps.

retro cupcake
you should get that seen to, because most people have sore throats.

Dr Frank
Sorry your throat is SORE! 85% of all sore throats are in fact viral and aren't affected by anything. Overall giving antibiotics,on average, only reduces the duration of sore throats by no more than 24 hours anyway. Finally NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, comes out against routine use anyway.

Take appropriate doses of paracetamol and adequate fluids. You could try local throat sprays such as Difflam or Chloraseptic, but on no account gargle with salt water, which is unsafe, nor aspirin which is irritant.

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