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 is there any alternative medicine for strep throat? i literally can not handle the idea of medicine?
i absolutely refuse to take medicine. and don't tell me get over it because that's not the answer i'm looking for. does anyone have any home remedies for killing the bacteria from ...

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 is it true that you can only get mono once?
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 Will i get food poisoning?
I had beef steaks for dinner and they were left in the oven overnight i ate them the next day.

The chances are i probably will but i havent been feeling sick at all. I ate them 8 hours ...

 could my daughter have swine flue?
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 a person suffering from HIV can be detcted via normal blood check up?

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 What do you get if you put a pig with swine flu and a duck with bird flu in the same room together?

 can people die of meningitis?
my cousin may have this disease and i would like to know if he can die from it or get really ill?

answers quick please!
many thanks

 Sick question............... BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!!?
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 Can a virgin contract AIDS through Kissing?
I am 22 years old and I am still a virgin. I am saving myself for marriage but I have kissed an estimated number of over 15 girls.
Now I am sick from Malaria and this is the fourth time in 3 ...

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 how dangerous it the swine flu?
there have been reported cases in schools around my area and i just want some info about it.....

 Traveling w/ 1 year old, should I have him wear a mask or don't worry because of the swine flu?
I am that type that constantly washes my hands and carries antibacterial wipes and purell. I am very cautious, washing my hands before and after the bathroom and opening and closing everything in ...

 Who is most likely to catch the flu?
What age group, what gender, what health conditions...?


 What is your opinion on the Swine Flu epidemic?

Do anyone know if you can get hiv through saliva?
can you get hiv from smoking (cigarettes) after someone?

robert r
Absolutely not!

No, although if the person has open sores or cuts in their mouth, that could be a problem( this is why dentists where gloves).
Sharing cigarettes is like sharing hair brushes, you won't get HIV, but you could get something else. And since people with HIV have compromised immune systems, they could have alot of different things(like TB or pneumonia), and something you might have(like a cold) could do a number on them.

I have always heard that you can get HIV through bodily fluids.

Theri is an exceptionally minor risk. Because there are blood cells in spit. However, due to the conents of saliva and where most spit goes (Out of your mouth or down to your stomach) it is almost impossible to get HIV/AIDS.

too much of it -- yes you can get it.

but let's say form smoking cigarettes after someone who's diagnosed with it -- there is a possibility that you won't get the disease. the virus does not live in a open environment for more than 5 seconds -- so let's say a woman who's HIV positive pees in the bathroom -- there is a chance that she is not going to transmit the disease to you after 5 seconds. but it doesn't mean you should ignore extra precautions.

i still suggest you smoke your own cigarette rather than sharing it with someone. or better yet, stop smoking (im a respiratory therapist)

No you can't. Or I would SOO have it by now.....lol~ but no you can't.

you can't....you'd have to drink like a million gallons of it to get HIV.

,...sounds like you need to do some research about HIV...

i think u can girl so take care and buy yo own cigaretts

Da Ben Dan
You theoretically could...but chances are pretty slim that you'd get hiv that way.

I was told by my doctor that is a very low risk, but it's better to be safe than sorry.Don't share cigs etc.

HIV can not be passed through saliva, only if you kiss someone that has HIV and they have an open wound and you have an open wound. So don't worry.

No you can't.
No case of HIV transmission has ever been documented through salivary transmission.

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