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my hamster is unwell not eating or drinking has been shaky for 4 days and seems very ...

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 The Swine Flu pandemic, is it going to kill us all?
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Cσηνєяѕє Cяαzу ☂
Camping; How can you prevent ticks....?
I'm going camping in 2 weeks time in a field, and me and my friends will be going around the forests to get sticks and build a fire, etc. l'm quite worried about getting bitten by a Tick though. l heard that they can get into your tent, and as they're so small, you won't even notice them on your skin or clothes. l don't want to get bitten by one (l heard about Lyme Disease). Is there any other way to prevent it?

Thanks alot! X

Bug spray

jedi master
The best thing to do is leave a pot of jam .. open in your friend tent
then all the bugs will be in her tent and not yours

Aaron O
dont camp!! lol

Shana M
This will sound nerdy, but wearing high socks (up to your mid-calf) and long pants will ensure that ticks won't grab onto your ankles (that is where they are most commonly found. Check your ankles, armpits, and the backs of your knees for ticks periodically. Bug spray might not help much, but I would get some anyway. Try using DEET. It is VERY strong so don't use TOO much.

When I wear high socks, I usually don't have to worry about ticks. If you do get a tick, remove it IMMEDIATELY! If you do this, you will be okay.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Try to have as much skin as possible covered up. Wearing hats definitely helps and also jeans or a long shirt. But just make sure you are aware of your body and make sure you look to see anything unusual.

My answer is sure purchase some weed be gone,I meant tick be gone insect repellent.Read the instructions and apply sparingly to uncovered skin.

STAY OUT OF LONG GRASS! sorry thats about the only advice i can offer... I think you can get some ointment, and there is always insect repellant- check with your local pharmacist, and before you go, make sure you know where your nearest hospital is.

Ahmeds Babe
ensure your arms and legs are covered up, particularly legs, as the ticks can attach themselves to you when out walking

yeah best thing to do is wear knee high socks and long pants. you will be able to see them if they are on you.

google them so that you can see what they look like so you'll know how to spot them and also learn how to remove them just incase you do get one!!

and at the end of everyday have a good search!!

R. T.
They've pretty much said it. Covering as much as possible with tight clothing keeps them off of your skin. Bug spray might help, it might not.
Staying out of long grass is always wise. Thorough inspections to make sure nothing has attached to you.

I once found a tick on my shirt and removed it. Fortunately it didn't have the chance to try to burrow into my skin.

Bug Spray lot's of it and all over the place those citronella candles help too

Two words. Plastic Bubble.

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