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Abigail Wakefield
18 weeks pregnant and unsure whether to get the flu vaccine?
I have been offered the flu vaccine and I am unsure whether to have it or not.
I asked the doctors and they said that it is my decision but it does have the swine flu vaccine in it aswell and that is the part that I am worrying about.
I have a 2 year old son and if I get sick with the flu I have no one to look after him and he suffers from terrible asthma so if he gets the flu I will be up the hospital with him!
I need some advice from people that have had it or they know what the risks are.
Thanks x

since you were advised by a doctor that it would depend on you if you will have the flu vaccine then get another opinion of health workers like second opinion from a credible obstetrician .

you should consult a doctor before taking the risk your self

well its recommended that the women in their third trimester during the flu season will get it and you narrowly fit that.
Its not really been studied in pregnant women but last year many pregnant women ran into many complications.
Also last years h1n1 was hastily thrown together with many preservatives to speed up the progress. This year it had time to cook and develop just like the other yearly fluvaccines so its not any different from the regular fluvaccine last year.
If you do decide to get it demand to be given the single dose one which has no preservatives in it. It might be little more expensive but it is worth it.
Also you are not only protecting yourself, you would be protecting your asthmatic sone who is in highrisk group and also your new infant once hes born who is also in high risk group.
But there are other ways to avoid the flu too, thorough handwashing thru out the day, avoiding huge crowds if possible, avoiding sick people and shaking hands etc, salt water gurgling every day ( the salt has been shown to kill of some bacteria and viruese in your throat before they manage to make you sick) and keeping your hands off your face.
SO what ever you decide you might still want to do the latter things just in case. I had a flushot with my second pregnancy ( he was born in january) and me, my husband and my 2 y old ( who also had the shot) all got sick 2 weeks after he was born. By some miracle the newborn never got sick. So they are by no means 100% effective either. Your choice.

These doctors need to tell you the risks and benefits of getting the vaccine. Get a second or third opinion if you need to!

You should consult a doctor who specializes in pediatric asthma. I think the 2-year-old is the biggest concern. Isn't the 2-year-old eligible for the flu shot?

Risks of getting the shot:

- Allergic reaction to ingredients of the shot. For example, some people are allergic to eggs, and the egg used in many vaccinations will cause an allergic reaction. Review your family history of allergies and ask about the chances the fetus can react.
- Are there specific risks associated with getting this shot during pregnancy? What percentage of pregnant women have had bad reactions to the shot? What do the studies show?
- GBS, a very rare but serious reaction to vaccinations. If you have experienced GBS, you should not get the shot. If you have had many shots without getting GBS, don't worry about it.
- There is controversy over whether early-age vaccinations cause autism. There are a lot of ignorant loudmouths on both sides, so it's hard to get good information. If you accept that shots cause autism, you also need to believe that large health organizations deliberately hide this information.

Risks of not getting the shot:

- How will getting the flu endanger the baby? Especially if you have vomiting, fever, and dehydration?
- What treatments for the flu (and bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.) are safe for pregnant women?
- How will the flu endanger your asthmatic 2-year-old?

The chances of getting the flu are much higher than the chances of having a bad reaction to a vaccine.

About 1% of people who are vaccinated have an adverse reaction (if you ignore the "autism conspiracy.") This includes people who are allergic to ingredients, people whose immune system mimics the symptoms of flu, and people who get GBS. (You should double-check these statistics.)

Here are the statistics of people who are not vaccinated:

Flu seasons are unpredictable and can be severe. It is estimated that, on average, approximately 5% to 20% of U.S. residents get the flu, and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized for flu-related complications each year. Over a period of 30 years, between 1976 and 2006, estimates of flu-associated deaths range from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people.

100,000 - 400,000 people die of the flu worldwide every year. This is less than 1% of those who catch it.

YES! Pregnant women represented a disproportionate fraction of people who died of swine flu last year. People with asthma are also at much greater risk. Last year, when they DIDN'T recommend flu vaccines for everyone, kids with asthma and pregnant women were among the groups they did recommend them for.

And PLEASE don't take medical advice from random people on the internet. We don't know your medical history, haven't examined you, and few of us have medical degrees. Most people on this site this time of day don't have jobs. Try to get your doctor to give a definite answer to questions.

Of course you can be vaccinated and it's highly recommended. Pregnancy puts you in the high risk category of those with a pre-existing condition that predisposes them to flu-related complications. Pregnant women who contract flu are at risk for pneumonia, respiratory distress, respiratory failure and death. Get the vaccine.

"so if he gets the flu I will be up the hospital with him!" -- Is there any better reason to be vaccinated? Your asthmatic son is also in a high-risk group. Why hasn't he been vaccinated already?!

There's no swine flu. That's what pigs get. You're referring to novel H1N1 flu and you have no reason to fear the vaccine. The 2010 vaccine will protect you against seasonal H1N1, seasonal H3N2, a new strain of H3N2, type, novel H1N1 and B/Brisbane flu. Think about it.

Dr Frank
For pregnant women with medical conditions that increase their risk of complications from influenza, administration of the vaccine is recommended, irrespective of their stage of pregnancy. Both you and of course your son should have the vaccine.

Sounds like 6 in one hand and half dozen in the other
Get the vaccine. Either way you will have a risk to be considered. The path of least resistance doesn't seem to be an option in your situation
Be safe get the vaccine. Your two year old will benefit. If you do lose this baby you are carrying
(God forbid, but must look at the reality of your situation) You will be protected for the next one
You cannot replace the living. So making this decision must take that into account. Yes the fetus is living but not yet on it's own. So the harsh reality is to possibly put your 'living child at risk or your unborn child. Personally I choose to care for the living. They need you now
God Is Love

Hi there,

You don't need to worry about the safety of 'flu vaccine. Unless you have a severe allergic reaction to eggs, you will be fine. Your son qualifies for 'flu vaccine because of his asthma, and you qualify by virtue of being pregnant. Flu vaccine is well tested and safe in both categories of patients.

It's not complicated......just do it. Ignore people who claim vaccines are untested and unsafe....that's purely nonsense. Where people are vaccinated, disease rates go down. Where people are unvaccinated, disease rates go up.

Best wishes, Odile

Mommy to baby Brooke<3
when you get the flu vaccine.. they inject the virus into you so your white blood cells can learn to fight it off. if say your white blood cells arent strong enough and do not know the virus... You are gonna get sick right away with the flu anyways. If you are a person who hardly gets sick in the first place. Than i dont recommend getting the annual flu shot. I hardly get sick, I never get my annual flu shot. My parents never have taken me, nor do they go either. When I was pregnant (my daughter is 8 months old today, i also wont be taking her to get fflu shots) I didnt even get the flu shots... nor did i get the h1n1 shot either. I felt it was being over hyped. I was surrounded my h1n1. I worked at a big mall (west edmonton mall) My co worker had h1n1. I was pregnant, a pregnant woman's immune system is supposed to be low? I never got it. Getting a vaccine like the flu shot will never fully protect you. You still have a likely chance on getting sick. And if i were you, I wouldnt. You will most likely get sick right after getting vaccinated. Especially if your immunity is lower than normal due to pregnancy, your white blood cells wont be as strong to fight it off. You will end up sick. and risking getting sick and getting your son sick... is something that maybe you should not risk?

NO NO don't do it
research it first

look up dangers of vaccines etc


look around there's much more


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