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 Ahh help please?
my sister keeps on caughing up blood

what does this mean?? DXXXX
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 Second Hand Smoke?
My 14 month old daughter was just diagnosed with bronchiolitis and ear infection(she has had the ear infection for over a month this is her 3rd round of antibiotics) I am wondering if my husband ...

 How to prevent/control childhood asthma?

 I have copd. Why can't i have a disability tag for my car. It is really hard for me to walk across the lots.

 Prognosis/Possible Diagnosis please?
My symptoms are:

- Coughing up green phlegm
- Fever
- Sneezing/Blocked nose
- Foul smell from mouth
- Aches & pains
- Headache

Now, i have seen the ...

 Post nasal drip causing a sore throat what OTC can I take that wil help?

 What happens whenwe breathe in too much carbon dioxide?
what is the chemical equation like?...

 Why can't I stop coughing ?
Whenever the weather turns colder, I develop an annoying, persistent cough. But here's the thing ... I never feel sick.

What could it be? People have told me I might have bronchitus (...

 68 year old patient with Alzheimer disease was brought to the emergincy room.?
By the staff of a local nursing home.He presented as lethargic with a sallow complexion.He had and admission temperature of 102.4F and a respiratory rate of 33/minute.During respiration, the right ...

 Why am I still sick, what is going on with me here?
I got sick like a month and a half ago, when I went to the doctor I was told I had Brochitis about a week and a half ago my cough started to receed but I am having really bad hot flashes and soreness ...

 Which is better for cold/sinus - vaporiser or humidifier? Also, which is a good, high quality model / mfr?

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Am specifically looking at use of vaporizer / humidifier, and not any alternate remedies? Is there anything like a ...

 Is applying vaporub or vicks inside the nose dangerous even if it helps you breathe better for who has asthma?

 Can a candida cleanse be done sucessfully with a diet ?
Currently I am taking probiotics, oil of oreganol, and citricidal
I suffer from chronic sinus infections.
The bad thing is I use a steroid inhaler for asthma, and often take prednisone for ...

 Hi. I have tried everything and anything to stop smoking?
I just can't seem to stop - any suggestions, techniques, magic bullets?


Thanks so ...

 Have you ever coughed so hard that it seems like you're going to pass out?
This happens to me alot but I don't have tuberculosis or whooping cough....I do have asthma and bronchitis...but if this has happened to you do you know why or even if this hasn't happened ...

 Why do I always wake up with a sore throat in the morning?
What can I do about it?
Additional Details
I stopped smoking more than 20 years ago....

 I would like to know the best cure for cold... pls answer me... i'm verry ill and i don't know what can i do..

 Is it possible for air bubbles to pass from your lungs to your veins? and if so what harm can they cause?

success @ quitting smoking ?

how did you accomplish it & how long did it take ?...

 Could mold make someone ill?
Unfortunately, I'm that someone. About a two weeks ago, mold started to grow on my room's ceiling, and since then I started to feel ill. Now it got worse. I started to cough, have sore ...

Anxiety trouble?
Ever since I got sick last week my anxiety has gotten out of control and yesterday in the hospital i had broke down crying.
Additional Details
I've been sick and my mom isn't here with me...

I had a panic attack inside a hospital once too, it's really strange to watch yourself have a panic attack when your heart rate and blood pressure and pulse-ox are being monitored, it really makes you feel like it is real and not just in your head.

Being in the hospital and having a panic attack was one of the worst experiences in my life, because you can't leave, you are confined, you are all attached to a bunch of things, ugh, I shudder to even remember it.

I have found that for me, Zoloft and Klonipin are the only things that keep me from getting those.

Michael G

I agree with the Xanax comment, in moderation. Try not to think about whatever triggers it.

sunlight! it really lifts your spirtit

I feel the same way. I had a panic attack at my work, and ever since then, I have to take pills (that I don't want to become dependant on) in order to work. I'm switching to the overnight shift so that maybe this will help, (I work at a very stressful job). Everyone, including doctors, keep telling me that I just have to work through it, and talk myself out of it. It's hard! I don't really have an answer for you, but I thought that it might be a comfort knowing that someone else out there is going through the same thing that you are experiencing!

Sometimes things wear out inside.I agree that lexapro would be a go place to look.I take Celexa for depression and it works great.
My mother and sister had panic attacks and never got treatment.They really did some nutty things too.
It is a chemical imbalance and it will take a chemical to balance it.
Klonopin and others are there,look at them and use them if they work for you.
Be advised that they can blow up in your face and I have had that happen too.Quit taking anything that does that.

Lexapro has given me a whole new life! anxiety free.

Sorry to hear you've been sick and suffering from anxiety. Once your illness has subsided, you'll probably feel a bit more stable. If you want to try some self-help, the following steps should help eliminate (or significantly reduce) your anxiety:

1. Breathe properly - if you control your breathing, you control panic. As soon as you notice the signs of anxiety, check your breathing: breathe in slowly through your nose pushing your tummy out (to the count of 5 or so). Breathe out slowly and for a bit longer (to the count of 7 or so) through your mouth. Do not breathe rapidly or shallowly (in the chest area). This will soon restore the balance of oxygen and you will feel a lot better.

2. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy! CBT is proven to be the most effective thing for anxiety attacks. It takes a bit of work, but it is super effective. (After 15 years of panic attacks, mine stopped completely). You can take a course for free online at: http://www.livinglifetothefull.com/elear... It has been funded by NHS Scotland and has had great results thus far.

3. Try relaxation exercise tapes (progressive muscular relaxation). They really help if you practise often enough. This site has instructions on how to do it without the tapes (and other useful info): http://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/resource...

I hope you feel better soon. Best of luck!

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