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 My 4 year old son was denied health insurance due to preexisting asthma ... any suggestions?
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 Symptoms of what?
Friday I started feeling pretty sick. I put the covers on but it felt too hot, when I pulled them off it felt too cold. I had cough attacks but not that serious. My head was pounding and I had a high ...

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 Can you suffer from Asthma and not be whezzy?

Additional Details
Or not wheeze when you breath?...

 Do I have asthma?
I don't have any allergies, but about 3 hours ago I ran a mile like I do weekly. I usually get from a 7:00 to an 8:00 minute, and I got a 7:15 today, which is typical for me. Every week I find ...

 Can you die from bronchitis?

 Hi. I'm trying to stop smoking. When I don't smoke, my head feels fuzzy?
will this eventually go away?

thanks so ...

Ahh help please?
my sister keeps on caughing up blood

what does this mean?? DXXXX
Additional Details

the crusader
It doesn't matter if your parents aren't home. Call 911 or take her yourself to the nearest emergency room. She needs medical treatment now.

Call 911, do not wait, go now...get off the computer and call paramedics!

Take her to the emergency room immediately. Do not delay.

can be dangerous as cancer....
u r a v bad sister

Ice Sync
If your sister coughs blood then dont simply stand there waiting for an answer , Dial the emergency code ASAP , it could be blood cancer or the tracheal passage must have some kind of cut, or it also because your sister is very hungry and prolonged hunger can lead to coughing of blood, give her some water and tell her to swallow it SLOWLY, warm water is prefered. But it is more advisable to call the emergency number or call a chemist from your nearest pharmacy , by that time try to ease her of all tension to reduce blood flow.

Severe respiratory infection. She needs to get to a doctor.

It means that something is seriously wrong. She probably has a very nasty lung disease. It could be one of many and every minute you delay in getting her to the doctor makes things worse.

♥ Crys ♥
you really should take her to the ER. If you don't have a car call 911. It could be her life.

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