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Will you get the flu vaccine? Why or why not?
I'm not convinced it will prevent me from getting the flu. I hear the vaccine uses the previous year's flu but each year the virus changes so what good is it? Also hear of people getting sick after getting the shot too. What do you think?

i usually don't take the flu vaccine just because i have taken it before and a little while later i was sicker than a dog! i haven't ever been sick since by not taking it! i think it is all personal preference. i've heard also that it is only for the previous year, but i'm not sure. the flu changes many times, and i know that you can only have that one type once. (but since there is so many, you can get the flu over and over.)

I took the shot a few days ago. I got one last year too.
Both times, it did not make me ill, just a little sore on my upper left arm where they injected me.
Didn't get the flu last year.
It's not entirely true they just give you the same shot as last year. They give you the shot based on what strains of the flu would/could be prevalent this year.
If you take the shot, and stillend up with the flu, no matter what, it will be very mild, and be for only a few days, instead of one to 10 days average.

My family and I get the vaccine faithfully. It's worked out very well for us.

Yes I will due to the fact my Dr. Makes me. And I work at a Pharmacy and we get a lot of sick people coming in and out.

Bobby L
yes because i work in a nursing home

The flu vaccine is usually pretty up to date, and protects against a majority of the flu viruses in circulation.

I will get it, because I hate the flu and I would rather have a sore arm for a couple days then be throwing up. I also have a relative with a compromised immune system, and I work with people who have small children.


Since I'm an insulin dependent diabetic, I will get the influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccine. Either one of these illnesses, if I were to catch them, could land me in the hospital.

The flu shot is once a year. A pneumonia shot is once every 5 years. I've only had pneumonia once and I ended up in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. I have not gotten the flu in 5 or 6 years because I had the flu shot every year.

Diabetes can make any illness a double whammy. Not only do I have to deal with being sick, but also with certain conditions that can arise from that such as DKA, electrolyte imbalances and others.


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