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 Ok so lately ive been feeling weak, and like passing out and i look yellow. what can i possibly have?

 Plz prey my kid sister is ill (paralysed) plz prey for her?

 Can strep cause nightmares?
My daughter has strep and last night she had a strange nightmare. She looked awake but she was talking out of her head. She was walking around the house turning on the lights and talking about ...

 What does the word malaria mean?
malaria is a ...

 Quick question, how are drinking alcohol and hepatitis C related?

 What is causing these symptoms?
My throat started to hurt very badly about 2 days ago. It hurt worse whenever I swallowed, and I had a low fever that was 101.5 at its highest. I felt achy and I had a little bit of a headache too. ...

Shanaka H
Where did Aids come from?

green monkey / in Africa

I personally think that they made it in some laboratory and put it in Africa which was never meant to branch out from there.

Yes it was from a monkey - same kind of cross over as the bird flu scare.

i think from a monkey... not sure

One theory is that in Africa, a virus carried by monkeys (or it could've been chimps) mutated and it was transmitted to hunters through exposure to the blood of the monkeys when they were killed by the hunters. Once inside the human body, it mutated again. The virus was isolated in monkeys and is closely related to the human counterpart. Run a search for the "origin of HIV'. It's interesting reading.

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