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 What is causing these symptoms?
My throat started to hurt very badly about 2 days ago. It hurt worse whenever I swallowed, and I had a low fever that was 101.5 at its highest. I felt achy and I had a little bit of a headache too. ...

What is ammonia the sickness?
My grandmother is in the hospital with ammonia... what is it? what is the symptems? outcome? ect... i wud really appreciate it if someone told me

It's "pneumonia" look it up on wikipedia, that'd be faster...

D 1
It's listed below, this should help you read a little about it. I hope she gets better.

Do you mean pneumonia? It's a respiratory infection. Symptoms include uncontrollable coughing, difficulty breathing. It's like bronchitis, only worse. Pneumonia can be serious in babies and elderly people. The hospital is probably the best place for your grandmother right now. They will take care of her.

it's not ammonia, it's pneumonia. ammonia is a chemical used to clean. pneumonia is a disease of the lungs, either from a bacteria or a virus. the body for some reason couldn't fight it all, and that's why she's sick. if she's been coughing on you, you may get sick, but you may not get full blown pneumonia. symptoms can be chest pain, coughing up lots of phlegm, fever.

ammonia or pnuemonia (lung infection)

Alice W

That would be pneumonia. It is an infection of the lungs. It is treated with antibiotics, and generally an elderly person would be kept in the hospital for several days to a week until the lungs are cleared of the infection. Most people get better from this with the antibiotic treatment.
Talk to your mom or dad and ask them how your grandma is doing, and if she has anything else other than the pneumonia. If she doesn't have any complicating condition, she should be fine in about a week.

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