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Tips On how to know for sure if your illness is strep throat or tonsillitis?
I have been sick for 3 days. Running a fever of about 102.2 is the average. Occassionaly higher/lower. My glands have been extrememly swollen for the entire three days. Also, I have white puss balls on my glands. Its to the point that it hurts just to drink, so i know its not JUST a sore throat.

Please give me your opinion. Also, If you know something else that it may be, I would love to hear it. I need all the advice I can get please.

I dont want to hear a bunch of people telling me to go to the doctor though. I have an appt. for tomorrow. I just want to know what to excpect.

Thank you in advance.

white spots on the back of throat is strep and a red throat and swollen tonsils is tonsillitis

the only way to know for sure is with a throat culture. the rapid strep tests in the doctor's office are about 70% accurate.

my son gets strep every year. That is what it sounds like in your case. The nurse will take a long Q-tip like instument and swab your throat. It gags a little, but only takes a second. You usually have results within 15 minutes.

Well, I have had both illnesses but, i'd say out of the 2 , sounds to me like that you have strep...in some cases it gets so bad that you feel you're suffocating in your sleep...but, the doctor will possibly prescribe you penicillin-or other similiar antibiotics, if the disease progresses it could cause life threatening or can lead to lifelong neurological problems.Everything should go well for you at the doctors,hope you get well soon

There really is no way of knowing until they do a throat culture...it could be either...do you have a stomach ache and headache? That usually says it's strep.It's certainly going around in my neck of the woods...dealing with 3 cases in my house as we speak.

If you have sore throat, fever plus at least any 2 of these 3, it is strep. Red, enlarged tonsils, white spots on the tonsils, enlarged lymph glands in the neck.
Yes, I believe you have strep. You must start an appropriate antibiotic as soon as possible.

It has been my experience that when you get white dots on the back of your throat, it is usually strep.

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