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Plz prey my kid sister is ill (paralysed) plz prey for her?

I think everyone know what this guy means. Good luck to her and your family.

Youre asking me to prey on a paralyzed kid sister? Dude, that is just sick...dont ask people to prey on your handicapped sister... What do you want to happen to her???

Oh! You meant PRAY! Typical....dont you know that prayer doesnt work? They proven it with science!!! Read on!


Sure I will pray for you dear sister. I am sorry that this happen but there are hard times in life in which will all need to pray together. May God be with you brother and your sister.

?Why would we pray that she is ill? Do you mean to pray for her because she might be paralyzed? Ok

It's spelled "pray". "Prey" is an animal that is hunted for food. I'll say a prayer for her.

i definitely will. i'm so sorry.

She will be kept in my prayers. Something else you might want to do is to organize a prayer group made up of church elders and do a laying on of hands. Have faith that God will answer your prayers and ours.

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