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Is there a safe way to dispose of antibiotics?

flush them down the toilet

antibiotics , you are supose to finish your antibiodcs even if you feel better so if you have any left you didn't listen to your doctor,also if you have them and they are exspiered the can be toxic now so just throw them in the toilet and flush.

antibiotics should be taken as prescribed . if your given 20 and you take 4 a day . you should have none left . i used to work in a pharmacy and we told everyone . please take them all or they can do more harm than good


you will be returning them to their rightful resting place

Return them to your pharmacy or doctor.

you shouldn't have any left over to throw them away in the first place

your supposed to finish them

companies describe expiry dates on medicines including antibiotics. What they mean is that one or more chemicals or rather we say ingredients lose their effectiveness. So when you return the medicines to the store they give it back to the company where they add the chemicals which lose their effectiveness and then again sell those.

So it is better to return the medicines back to the store rather than flushing or throwing in garbage which is harmful for the soil.

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