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If a hiv person spit in a negative person eye, and it is rinsed with water soon after, is hiv transmitted this

there could be a chance if the person with HIV had sores or wounds (bleeding) in his mouth.


no but I would stay away from that person because spitting on someone is nasty!!

HIV is present in saliva. Go to the ER and tell them what happened. They will flush your eye out very carefully. I would also stay away from this HIV+ person as he/she is dangerous. In some states that would be considered attempted murder. You may need to take medication for a while as a prophylactic measure and you should get regular HIV testing just to make sure, but it won't show up for about 6 months. Good luck to you.

There can be blood present in Saliva. The eye is a prime receptical for absorbing contagions, hency when you shouldn't touch your eyes or mouth when you're with someone who's sick. You have a slightly higher chance catching HIV from being spit in the eye than you do shaking their hand, good reason to shake the hand of someone with HIV
Get checked out.

miSS rARe
HIV is only transmitted into the blood stream! Therefore saliva doesn't contain enough bacteria to cause the infection. But if blood from an infected person does go into eye then there's a big problem!

Takes 6 quarts of spit to equal the amount of HIV in 1 drop of blood. Transmission through spit is unlikely but if they had a sore in there mouth, it could be possible. Unlikely but possible.

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