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I seem to be getting unusually fatigued these days should I be worried?

Could be an iron deficiency................ Go get yourself some spirulina. Tablet form preferably (the powder smells vile). spirulina is a Blue-green Algae (a sea vegetable) which is loaded with iron and protein in a very assimilable form. Start slowly like one tablet per day until you work out how many you need to feel energised each day. If you take too many to start with, your system will eliminate toxins too fast for you to handle and you'll get heavy headaches, bloating tummy, etc. I recommend the Hawaiin Pacifica brand. Apparently they are the best brand to buy. You can get it in any good health food store for around $25.00 AUD per bottle.


.................. :0)

fatigue is a general sign and has too many causes:1) viral infections specially cokxackie viruses cause fatigue, 2)anemia cause fatigue with weight loss and no apitite, 3) cardiac disease also cause fatigue ...4) hypothiroidism and many other causes.but dont be worry, go to doctor

good luck
If you're physically feeling sick...you may even want to go to the doctor and rule out having mono...but only if you've never had it before. If you have already had it...then I would supplement yourself with vitamins like the others are saying.

You are lacking iron. You need to eat more leafy green vegetables like spinach.

It could also be that you need vitamin B. I would take a daily prenatal vitamin. They are good for you and high in iron. I take the kind from wal-mart. I also take a seperate vitamin b-Complex. I have a lot more energy since i started taking these. Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water because dehydration will make you tired also. If nothing helps then I would see the doctor. It is hard to get stuff done when you are tired all the time. Good Luck!

I take a double dose of ferrous Gluconate. It is easier to do than remember to get in my green veg. I also have low Thyroid and that can cause fatigue. I think you should go to the dr.
There are many health conditions that present tiredness as a symptom. I have a few that work togehter to wipe me out. Iron deficiancy and low Thyroid. The good news is that many fatique related ailments are easily treated. It may be as simple as you not getting good quality sleep.
At any rate I would see a doc just to be on the safe side.
Take care

DO NOT take iron unitl you do liver labs!

folks...do not tell those to take something without a doctors consent-this person might have liver disease to which iron would be a huge mistake!!!!!

many things cause fatigue! seek the advice of a medical proffessional!

good luck!

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