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amanda k
How to help a urinarie track infection?

christina h
NO caffiene at all no cokes dr peppers or coffee
No sugar
Water & Cranberry Juice
To prevent next time: Do not try to hold it in go to the restroom your body gives you the feeling that you have to go because you HAVE to go. If all you take is showers soak in a tub of warm water no bubbles or scented soaps of any kind at least once a week and if a bubble bath is what caused it do not have bubble baths anymore. my daughter and I learned the hard way she was 2 and gave her a bubble bath next thing I know she has a 106 degree fever and a urinary Tract infection.

drink Cranberry juice or grapefruit juice

Oh, it's like that?
Drink a lot of water and Cranberry juice.

The over-the-counter medicine uristat can help relieve the unpleasant symptoms, but don't delay seeing a doctor for antibiotics.

cheryl c
you need to change the ph level of your body.
try drinking Cranberry juice.

Mr. Knowitall
A doctor told me once that a urinary Tract infection is the BEST kind of infection to have! Because whatever you take for it, it goes right into your urine!

Cranberry juice always helped me. (They even have concentrated Cranberry tablets now for people who get them all the time!) If it's really bad, a Dr. can give you antibiotics that will clear it up in about a day!

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