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 If a hiv person spit in a negative person eye, and it is rinsed with water soon after, is hiv transmitted this

 Is there a safe way to dispose of antibiotics?

 Where did Aids come from?

 How contagious is this staph infection?
So, a girl that I work with just found out that she has a staph infection in her sinuses. Now everyone in the office has turned into germaphobes. She's been on antibiotics for a few days. Is a ...

 Tips On how to know for sure if your illness is strep throat or tonsillitis?
I have been sick for 3 days. Running a fever of about 102.2 is the average. Occassionaly higher/lower. My glands have been extrememly swollen for the entire three days. Also, I have white puss balls ...

 Can you catch anything from a public swimming pool?
The city closed down one of the apartment pools. I heard it had ecoli. What can you catch from a public swimming pool? One of the pools is so cloudy you can't see your feet. My child got ...

 HCV Antibody test Report?
i do 1st test for HCV Antibody on 12-june-2006 from a well known laboratory that reported as...
Hepatitis C Antibody ..Reactive (134.43)
Cutoff rate is ............1.00
SGPT ..............

 What is ammonia the sickness?
My grandmother is in the hospital with ammonia... what is it? what is the symptems? outcome? ect... i wud really appreciate it if someone told ...

 A friend of mine travels a lot?
to the gambia,and places like india etc,i think he has had all the relevant injections and tablets for the main types of diseases,can he become a carrier only of some of those diseases,and pass them ...

 Does typhoid fever cause brain damage or temporary insanity?

 Ear Piercing??
Well, my daughte i currently twelve years old and she would like to get her ears pierced. Firstly she has a phobia of needles and is prone to get infections easily. Now what I was wondering i a ...

 How to help a urinarie track infection?

 Can u die from mono?

 Ok so lately ive been feeling weak, and like passing out and i look yellow. what can i possibly have?

 Plz prey my kid sister is ill (paralysed) plz prey for her?

 Can strep cause nightmares?
My daughter has strep and last night she had a strange nightmare. She looked awake but she was talking out of her head. She was walking around the house turning on the lights and talking about ...

 What does the word malaria mean?
malaria is a ...

 Quick question, how are drinking alcohol and hepatitis C related?

 What is causing these symptoms?
My throat started to hurt very badly about 2 days ago. It hurt worse whenever I swallowed, and I had a low fever that was 101.5 at its highest. I felt achy and I had a little bit of a headache too. ...

Fibromyalgia and smoking pot probably isnt the best combo right?

If fibromyalgia is a PHYSICAL illness, then it's o.k. to smoke pot.
If fibromyalgia is a MENTAL disorder, then it's not o.k.
And since according to a lot of researchers and physicians the jury is still out on which kind of disease this is, better be safe than sorry and drop the pot!

Thats right, cuz pot is a toxin. They have no explanation for Fibro, but docs say that toxins can make these things worse.

Although sometimes itll get me up more, its still NOT good.

you got it that can kill very quickley. in my opion?

So many people are doing this for pain management, it must help them.

I think it would help with pain. It can help a person relax some, and try to rest.
I just wished they would legalize it everywhere. Good luck to ya!!

actually, it helps with the pain quite a bit!!

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