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Jess D
Ear Piercing??
Well, my daughte i currently twelve years old and she would like to get her ears pierced. Firstly she has a phobia of needles and is prone to get infections easily. Now what I was wondering i a needle by a qualified person easier option or is getting it done wih a gun by a qualified person othe option to choose.

Miss Kayla
get it done with the gun by a professional she wont be as worried or scared

Do it at clairs or Icing, they do it with a gun,and she does not even see a needle, just take care of the piercing and it wont get infected

Not only will they do it with a gun at Claire's, many of the stores have a teddy bear she can hold while they are doing her ears. Also, post-piercing care is very important. If she does not take care of the piercings properly, infection can occur. She must follow the directions given her at the time of the piercing.

Jen C
The girls in the ear piercing shops (like Clair's) are trained to do it. My daughter was afraid of needles too. They had two employees in the store get on each side of her and do it at the exact same time. They told her she would feel a little pinch and then it would be over. She took it like a champ. Good luck.

My daughter had hers done at age 8. We went to the piercing pagoda in the mall. It was over in no time. The funniest part was there was a boy about 13 there. He said if she doesn't cry I'll get mine done.....and he did...lol. Just be sure to keep the piercings clean, use the recommended products, do not use alcohol as that kills the exposed cells Rather than healing them. Hope this helps you determine what to do :)

do NOT get it done with the gun! it may be less frightening because it is so quick, but is much more traumatic to the tissue. it basically forces a relatively blunt ear stud through the ear lobe--causing much more pain than a piercing needle at a licensed shop. more importantly, it is impossable to properly clean the piercing gun. there is a much higher risk of infection and disease with the gun than with the one time use or autoclaved needles.

i've been pierced with both a gun and properly with a piercing needle at a licensed shop. with the gun i had horrible infections--i actually had to go to a doctor for antibiotics to get rid of the infection. it hurts much less with a needle, and there is a much lower risk of infection.

Please, PLEASE keep in mind the MRSA infections that are growing more prevalent in our society. If top-line hospitals are infested, how is your local piercer doing?

Medically Resistant Staph does not respond to anti-biotics! That's why it is killing people.

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