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 What does the word malaria mean?
malaria is a ...

 Quick question, how are drinking alcohol and hepatitis C related?

 What is causing these symptoms?
My throat started to hurt very badly about 2 days ago. It hurt worse whenever I swallowed, and I had a low fever that was 101.5 at its highest. I felt achy and I had a little bit of a headache too. ...

Can you catch anything from a public swimming pool?
The city closed down one of the apartment pools. I heard it had ecoli. What can you catch from a public swimming pool? One of the pools is so cloudy you can't see your feet. My child got mouth sores and like fever blisters about a month ago. Could that have been caused from the pool? Is it safe to swim in a public pool now a days?

Chlorine, filters, and water treatments keep pool water safer than most beach waters where chloroform levels go undetected and animals release themselves into the waters at all times
The one thing i would be worried about at public pools are the surface edges since bare feet can contract certain strains of warts by skin to surface contact. Wear sandels where you can.

Lake Lover
My daughter got pink eye after swimming in a hotel pool. I won't even go into public pools.


If the chlorine levels are correct, it should kill most cooties, but sometimes nasty germs get in and they have to hyperchlorinate to clear it out

You certainly can catch things from public pools.Most common is ear infections.

Besdides getting sick from e coli (from kids pooping in the pool or parents letting them swim in dirty diapers), there is ringworm, athlete's foot, and if anyone has a cold you can catch that too. But for the most part, the chlorine kills everything - which is of course why we put chlorine in pools.

Gene L
Parents, pool and spa operators should be aware that fecal matter (stool) or vomitus in the pool poses a potential health risk for all pool users.

When people swim in pools, water parks, spas, hot tubs, lakes, rivers and the ocean, they share the same water. If someone is ill, he or she can contaminate the water for everyone who is swimming. Contaminated recreational water can cause a variety of illnesses such as diarrhea or skin, ear, eye and upper respiratory infections. Kids who wear diapers are just learning to control their bowels and are more prone to contaminate the water.

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