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Can u die from mono?

The cemetery's are full of Mono victims.

you can, but it would be only if you didn't take good care of yourself and didn't rest or something.

Very, very rarely. For most people, mono is a short illness that changes their lifestyle for a while, but does not cause any other problems. The main concern with mono is a ruptured spleen (a gland near your stomach that filters blood) because the spleen will get bigger when a person as mono. So, people with mono should not lift heavy things or do any exercise for two months after infection. Other serious complications include inflammation of the heart sac (pericarditis), heart muscle (myocarditis), or brain (encephalitis), but these are very rare.

It's possible, but in this day and age it's very unlikely. As long as you are actually getting medical attention for the condition.

actually yes, and it does not have to specifically be caused from a rupture of the spleen.
mononucleosis is a form of esptein barr. this virus is associated with many issues ranging from one single bout of "mono" to chronic mono to certain cancerous tumor activity.

other deaths can occur due to mono because the patient might have another disease that would be aggrivated by the virus.
(a severe auto-immune disease)

I know, i'm awaiting word on a cat scan now for my son Corey who has dealt with chronic mono since getting the chicken pox vaccine-it over loaded his system because he already had the natural occuring kind. He now has an issue with a gland that did not respond to antibiotics. He could have a serious form of cancer, or the mono (epstein barr) damaged some nerve cells leading to the specific gland in question.

For the most part, those that do get mono fully recover.

95% of the worlds population has epstein barr. What scientists don't understand is why some it never bothers, the rest will only get mono once, while others live a live of the chronicity see-saw, and the remaining end up with tumors (certain types of cancerous growths).

kirsten j
Yes, you can get an enlarged spleen that could rupture, although this is rare.

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