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Can strep cause nightmares?
My daughter has strep and last night she had a strange nightmare. She looked awake but she was talking out of her head. She was walking around the house turning on the lights and talking about killing dinosaurs. After it was over she became very upset and was crying. Today she says she doesn't remember much about it. Was this because of her fever or from the strep? The same thing happened about 2yrs ago when she had strep and the doctor said it was just a bad dream. I'm very confused please help.

I had this problem with my son when he had a sinus infection. Could have been medication related with the sickness and stress can be some of the cause. But this was diagnosed as "night terrors". Read a little about them and see if this sounds like them. Was she doing this within the first two hours of going to bed? This can last as short as 2 weeks to 3 months. It is actually very scary to watch as a parent. Been there and don't worry, it will go away.

It was the fever causing the dream. Sometimes children just have nightmares. But a fever can cause them to have them also. When I was young, I would have nightmares and very unusual dreams when I had a fever. My Son used to "sleep walk" and talk, when he had a fever also. The doctor told me that it could happen anytime, but most likely the fever was causing the "nightmare" that caused the "sleepwalking".

The Wanderer's right: it could be fever or the medicine. Or even pain from the strep itself. Your daughter will be fine, once she gets well. I used to have nightmares all the time too.

Call your local exorcist. I believe your daughter has been possessed by a demon. May God help us all.

It's the fever, or it can also be the medication.

Medication and fevers can trigger nightmares.

You are correct in thinking it is the fever, not just strep in general. When you are sick, and have a high fever, you get delirious like that. When I was sick with a fever a few weeks ago, my mom told me I was saying some pretty interesting things! You might want to confirm it with a doctor, but I am almost 100% positive it is her fever.

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