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 Tips On how to know for sure if your illness is strep throat or tonsillitis?
I have been sick for 3 days. Running a fever of about 102.2 is the average. Occassionaly higher/lower. My glands have been extrememly swollen for the entire three days. Also, I have white puss balls ...

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 HCV Antibody test Report?
i do 1st test for HCV Antibody on 12-june-2006 from a well known laboratory that reported as...
Hepatitis C Antibody ..Reactive (134.43)
Cutoff rate is ............1.00
SGPT ..............

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My grandmother is in the hospital with ammonia... what is it? what is the symptems? outcome? ect... i wud really appreciate it if someone told ...

 A friend of mine travels a lot?
to the gambia,and places like india etc,i think he has had all the relevant injections and tablets for the main types of diseases,can he become a carrier only of some of those diseases,and pass them ...

 Does typhoid fever cause brain damage or temporary insanity?

 Ear Piercing??
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 Ok so lately ive been feeling weak, and like passing out and i look yellow. what can i possibly have?

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 Can strep cause nightmares?
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malaria is a ...

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 What is causing these symptoms?
My throat started to hurt very badly about 2 days ago. It hurt worse whenever I swallowed, and I had a low fever that was 101.5 at its highest. I felt achy and I had a little bit of a headache too. ...

Best way to kill lice ??
I have tried-
1) Nix
2) Rid
3) mayonaise
4) alcohol
5) lice freeee

What is the BEST for killing them ??

I would say to do all the steps to treat it i mean use the NIX producst the one that cleans the beds with the spray and everything and use the treatment in the head i mean you really have to take every strand of hair and ge the eggs out then after washing the head GREASE THE SCALP! It has worked for everyone i know go to the dollar store and get some grease for black peoples hair like id say use the blue one the blue grease is the thickest, part and grease every inch of the scalp leave the grease on for like overnight wrap the hair aound the head then wrap the head in a cap and go to sleep. lice will get smothered. they can not live in grease. the next morning wash the hair {{and again continue with the treatment but key is pick the eggs out if you see any}} i mean it depends on the hair type too! you might want to leave the grease in. if you cant leave it in then wash it then you have to do the treatment again but this has worked for everyone i know .. good luck. lice cant live in grease.

might not be lice! see a doctor.

June B
Sounds like you're being reinfected. OK, here we go: no comb/brush sharing. Clean all bedding , fabric furniture, car seats ect. Wash linens in HOT water. Place all stuffed animals in plastic bags for several days. Shake them outside before reusing. Ditto on bed pillows. Check every person in the house. Try the Rid and then NIX on alternating days. Now here is the trick: lice have a defense mechanism where they close up when they get wet. So when using the Rid, do not wet your hair first, instead put it on dry hair. That way the lice will absorb the chemical. Vacume all carpets, empty the vacume bag outside. When you go out, do not put your coat/sweater next to anyone else's, in case they are the one who is reinfecting you. If this does not work, the doctor can give you a prescription treatment.

Clean your house and yourself

Rocky Raccoon
Soak in a hot bath
use an Astringent on the area after washing
use the little fine tooth comb to get the nits off of hairs

Wash towels, etc. in HOT water and dry them in a dryer

Make sure that you are following the directions on the package and allow sufficient time for the product to work on your skin. We used to use a product called "Quell" in the hospital years ago.

Army Nurse
Resistance to many of the chemicals (such as permetherin which is the chemical in NIX) is a well-documented phenomenon. Depending on what country you are in, there are good alternatives such as Lindane and Malathion (US only). None of the smothering agents (treatments that supposedly coat and suffocate lice) have any LEGITIMATE positive research, and no "home" remedies are even the slightest bit effective (tea tree oils, diesel fuel, mayonase, alcohol etc.).
As far as cleaning, scrubbing and generally sterilizing your home... just forget it, save your money and energy. Treat yourself with Lindane or Malathion and stay somewhere else for at least 24 hours, leaving your home closed up and empty (and the warmer the better). lice need at least one blood meal from a human head every 24 hours or they die from dehydration.
Make sure you don't use these treatments (including NIX) more than ONCE A WEEK because they are neurotoxins that you absorb through your skin into your bloodstream, and there have been documented fatalities from overuse.
Hope this will help.
PS- Combing all of the nits out after you treat yourself will greatly improve chances of a one-shot cure.

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