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A friend of mine travels a lot?
to the gambia,and places like india etc,i think he has had all the relevant injections and tablets for the main types of diseases,can he become a carrier only of some of those diseases,and pass them on through airborne infection to others who are not protected ,days or weeks later when he is back home in the uk

Barbara D
I've travelled to and worked in 67 countries.The only time I ever got ill was after eating a salad at a Sheraton Hotel in Manila,Phillipines.Stop worrying so much!

keep him in the dogs kennel for a few days

~*tigger*~ **
depends what it is
if you're on meds its pretty rare to be hit with anything though as they provide you with immunity
so being a carrier is pretty slim as the bug would have been dealt with by the antibodies

if you're immunized (vaccinated) for a disease, you're not getting the disease itself. you cannot be a carrier either. of course if you're on certain types of cancer treatment or have aids, you have a higher chance of getting any disease.

hope he's been vaccinated with the following:

bcg (for tuberculosis)
hepatitis a, b, e (not sure bout the e)
Yellow Fever Vaccine
Typhoid Vaccine

he could opt to be on malaria prophylaxsis (Chloroquine 300mg or another drug. ask your doctor.) he can get the drugs at any pharmacy in the country he's visiting and it would be a hell of a lot cheaper! the effect is the same.

i know there have been scares of drug resistant tb affected passengers flying and stuff, but unless you're immunocompromised, meaning something's wrong with your immune system, you have nothing to worry about.

Cathy :)
most things you get vaccinated against aren't airborn - they're things like cholera which is transmitted through dirty drinking water. So don't worry your friend won't be bringing you home any nasty surprises! xx

am form the gambia and i anint got no diseases

Probably. Don't go near him. Tell the local A&E to get him in quaranteen. DO NOT Shag him!

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