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 Are My Body Measurements Too Small?
I Was Wondering As My Friends Say I'm To Skinny
I Mean I Don't Feel Skinny I Feel Fat
Body Measurements
Bust-32 Inches
Waist-23 inches
Hips (Round The Widest Part)-3...

 What's the best wording for this sentence, to print on a sign?
"Towel Required to be Laid Down When Using Gym Equipment"

It just doesn't read correctly to me. We have a new gym in our office building, and my boss wants people to lay a ...

 If you are 5' 4" and 125 pounds are you fat?

 How much should a 10 year old girl weigh???
i'm 57 inches and i am 90 pounds am i to big??...

 Am I heavy?
I weight 132 pounds and i am 13 and i am 5"4"...

 Name one bad habit that you have?
I bite my ...

 How can I lose weight without dieting?
I really want to lose weight
but i don't want to do any dieting
i really need to slim down my belly
and my thigh
and stop eating so much
but how do i do this without ...

 Whats ur age , height and weight??
sorry im so parenoid at the moment , i feel fat fat fat and want to know what i should weigh by looking at other peoples( dont feel u need to answer lol)...

 I am 17 year old girl. I weigh 300 lbs! I dont drink pop and I am active! What can i do to lose weight?!?
I am 17. I am a good student with a's and b's. I drink about 5 bottles of water a day. I am not more lazy than your average size 10, and I have tried diet after diet. I don't know what ...

 I want to run to lose weight, but just after one lap, I'm exhausted! And I'm only 13, and 125 pounds! Help!
What can I do?
I want to do a ten minute work out to lose weight, but barely making it around the track, I don't think it's quite possible....

 Is 127 lbs alot for a 13-yr old girl to weigh?

Additional Details
height- about 5"4...

 How many times should u eat fast food in a week?

 Im 180 Ibs. & Im 10 am I over weight????
IM 4'2 and My sis calles me the blob?? AM I FAT!!?????...

 I am 14 and i am 210 and 5'6 what should i do to loose weight and i dont have any money!?

 Is 100 calories a day too much? I am very large and can't seem to lose any weight.?

 My weight?
ok im 13 and im 130 pounds i need to lose weight so should i go anorexic or bulimic or should i workout a lot but i was thinkin of anorexia but i dont know

 Do you despise overweight people too?
Fat people are fat because they eat too much. There were no fat people in Belson so there is verification of my statement.
They are weak willed and spineless....

 How can u fight cravings of food?
like even when i have already ate im still hungry and want more....

 What is the best food to eat when body building ?

 Why Am I So Thin?
I eat a lot and cant gain weight. I look like a stick. I'm a guy by the way....

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Fat people get away from me!!!?
does anyone else like fat people sitting by them on an airplane , movie theater seat , bus seat, etc. why should i have to make room for a lard asss then their fat is hanging on me and they smell too.... Read More


Scene Queen
Am i average weight?
ok, i am 13 years old, and weigh 95.5 lbs. i am 5ft 1 if that helps.... Read More


Karma and Effect
Will pushups make me "beefier"?
My body is fine,I'm slender, I just need to make my arms larger. I dont have weights, I cant afford them, I dont have a gym to go to and I dont know anyone that has weights. I've thought us... Read More


What can I do/eat to make me feel healthier after eating fast food?
I ate two chicken nuggets from McDonalds and I told myself not to but I did. And I just feel heavy and actually a little anxious. I don't know why. And I was wondering if there was anything that ... Read More


Help trying to lose weight what do u think?
okay so i am trying really

hard to lose weight

but i always have that voice

that says ' wouldn't u like a candy bar'

and i always end up overdoing it

any encou... Read More


How much weight do i need to lose? (13 yr old; 115 pounds)?
I am 13 and i know i need to lose a few pounds.

i am 5 feet tall and 115 pounds.

how much weight do i need to lose and what is a fast way to lose it?

It's summer right ... Read More


lost girl.
How can i lose 8 lbs. in a month?
i start school again in August and i really want to lose around 16 lbs. which is 8lbs a month and around 2-2 1/2 pounds a week. i know it is possible, so if anyone has any tips on how to do this; i�... Read More


How can i keep on track of my diet?
I can go on a diet for about 3 days and i just go off track, and im never going to lose weight

help me!?!... Read More


Could some-one give me an idea how to lose weight?
the last 3 days i have been cycling 1/2 mile at 6:30 in the morning, but i can't controll what i eat, with school coming up aswell, i won't have time in the morning and i really want to loos... Read More


I had a baby 5mths ago and i would like some ideas on how to loose weight fastPLEASE NO RUDE ANSWERS!!!.?
i want to loose 50 pounds in a month or less any food suggestions exercise etc please thanks... Read More


celine b
Whats cardio? & is it bad to eat after 8:00 pm?
what work outs do you do?

how does it help your body.

& is it true that you gain weight if you eat after 8:00 pm?

: )... Read More


I weigh 120 lbs and I would like to go down to 100 lbs. how can i lose this in 1 month before my wedding?
... Read More


lil jjj ind hizzie
Should i go on a diet if i think im fat and im 5"6" and im 132 pounds ok?
im sos so so fat i think i mean come on u GUYS noe 132 pounds iz alot... Read More


What is a good workout for a 13 year old boy?
ok i am 13 i weigh 140 and im 5' 6" i have a little bit of fat

i want abs and bigger muscles

at my house i have a treadmill and a weight set

what is a good workout for me or a... Read More


Is it alright to eat out at a resteraunt once a year on my birthday?
That's the the only time I go out for dinner, and my birthday is comming up next week and I was planning on ordering a fish and a salad. Would this be okay, would I be considered unhealthy if I d... Read More


Charlotte N
Is it safe to exercise when you have stitches?
I had a couple of moles removed on last Tuesday and had three stitches on my belly, which are still giving me a little discomfort. Would it be safe in a day or two to do some cardiovascular exercise.... Read More


banana bean
Don't really like drinking water any way to learn and like its tasteless ness?
tried chugging a bottle, wanted to puke, anything to add to it just so I can get it down my throat and get my parents off my back... Read More


How exactly do you make yourself puke?
Like what exactly do you do and how long does it take and details etc...
Additional Details

1) Duh I'm goin bulimic

2) I'm about 4'4 and weigh around 100-105 l... Read More


Nuts are they good or bad for you?
i was wondngering if its ok to eat almonds and walnuts everyday since they have a ton of fat in them?

WIll eating 1/3 cup of almonds, and 1/4 cup of walnuts everyday make me fat, are these good f... Read More


How can i lose 20 pounds?
i really wanna loose 20 pounds and since it is a new year i wanna start fresh...but thats not working out!

im 5' 1.5" and i weight 145

i have a lot of fat in my stomach and thats a... Read More


bully dog72
How much do you think i can loose?
how much weight do you think i could realisticly loose in 5 days...i weight like 245lbs. so what do you think? and im talking like maximum weight in 5 days... Read More


Is it okay to exercise 5 minutes here and there throughout the day instead of 1 big long workout?
... Read More


How to reduce weight ? please help... no wakky answers pls.... I am serious.....?
I am over weighted by 25/30 kg suggest me good plan to reduce....... Read More


laurie c
What foods have the most fiber?
... Read More


mary m
I wanna be anorexic..how do i stand being hungry all of the time?
... Read More


What can I do to lose my belly before September?
I need help to lose my belly before school starts because I want to look good. And not get all the fat jokes from my friends. I just need my belly to be gone and KEEP it OFF!... Read More


Okay I've gained weight. =( Will I lose it this way?
I know it's unhealthy..but will I?

Monday-Wednesday: I eat nothing. And barely drink anything.

Thursday-Sunday: Only drink orange juice.... Read More


Public enemy#2
Would you starve your self just to lose weight?
... Read More


What exercise is the most effective for people that can't afford gym fees nor the time to visit a gym?
In light of all the reality shows and media portrayl of the importance of looking physically great, I'd like to become more fit. Although I have the desire to get fit, I lack the time and money t... Read More


amber j
What happens if you dont drink water?
... Read More

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