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 Am i fat?be honest?
im 13, 14 in august
im 127lbs (about 9stone1)
my waist is 30inches
hips are 35inches
thighs 22inches each
wrists nearly 6inches?


 Im 5'3 and 90 lbs now , but i want to be 80lb?
is this ok , do you think? i ave already lost 2 stone to get to ehere i amnow , but i still want to be lower, can i do this ??

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 I need help! am i fat??????
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 Am i fat???????? (seriously)?
im 13 5'6 and 114 ive battled with anorexia in the past and im still struggling alot
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thanx so much to everyone ...

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 Why am I so out of breath when I walk up stairs?
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i am a 14 year old girl about 5"6 i weigh 99 pounds
if i am what can i do to gain a little more weight?...

 Am I too Skinny???
I'm 5'2" and 90 pounds, I'm only 12 years old so I'm not fully developed but everyone keeps telling me I'm too skinny, I work out everyday and I have abs but I work out ...

 ????am i over weight?????
im a little over 15 and im about 5'5 and like 120 ...

Beauty Queen to the rescue
Explain why?

anorexic underweight because i would just put loads of layers on. fat is harder to conceal.
models are underweight and some of this are pretty so i would def be undersweight

Amy Y
because its better being fat...
being fat is not good...

Underweight because you can still function in society. Overweight can disable you from walking around.

Team Jacob!
Anorexic underweight. I could never stand myslef as fat in the mirror. gross. I freak out when I gain a couple of pounds. I wouls rather be skinny then fat.

who want's to be fat?

Underweight because they are pretty much equally unhealthy and either way people will stare at you...walking around with all that fat has got to be harder

anorexic under weight because then i would be skinny and it would be dead good and you can cover it up with baggy clothes but if i were over weight then i wont be able to cover it up with baggy clothes pecause baggy clothes would fit me


definitely anorexic. it's easier to add weight than to loose it. Also, nothing jiggles. Say what you want, but a waif model is more in demand than a plus size one.

Underweight. From first hand experience, it's hard to lose weight.

sorry both are so not good options.....none!!!

Definitely overweight. I'm recovering from anorexia and it does a lot of damage to your body that you can't reverse. With some people, the weight gain after being anorexic causes too much stress on the heart and it can fail. But when an overweight person gains weight back in a healthy way, a lot of their health problems go away. Also, being overweight will kill you a lot more slowly than being anorexic.

It's impossible to be healthy if you are anorexic underweight but it is possible to be healthy if you are overweight (based on your BMI).

Overweight is better because your body can still function pretty normally and you can loose the weight and still have a healthy body image of yourself. And anorexia kills many people especially young woman and teenagers every year along with bulimia. Acceptance wouldn't be the problem there though because at least then you aren't dying and you can live to see how beautiful you really are. But either way if i had the option i would rather be the way i am, but then again you didn't say how overweight a person would be in which many people are already at least a bit overweight. And anorexia is a mental disorder which can and usually will mess up your system in which many major organs can shut down and not be repaired.

Vijay V
none of them!!!

what kind of quetion is that!


I suggest you get help. You are obivously obsessed with your weight (from the other questions you have asked) and are probably on your way to becoming an anorexic.
There is more to life than feeling pretty.

Overweight because I can lose the pounds but being anorexic is dangerous and hard to stop.

Danny E
Anorexia is a mental disorder, overweight is an eating or metabolism problem. I think it would be easier to overcome being overweight!

Holy Believer
Neither. I am over weight right now and I would much rather be a healthy weight and feel good physically. I am currently eating less and exercising to achieve my goal. Anorexia is not an option and it's not even appealing. I want to have curves and feel like a woman and look good in clothes.

Gosh what horrible options. Both are seriously unhealthy - especially the Anorexic Underweight option. The best, healthiest thing you can do for yourself is in your mind by having - or working to have, a healthy self-esteem. (Which is based not on external validation) The next thing to do is develop a healthy balance in your self-body image. Once you truly believe you are confident in yourself - beauty follows and is noticed by others.

Amber P
overweight because anorexic is highly highly unnatractive. id rather have chubby cheeks than cheeks that are sunken in. ew.

over weight, because I know my husband thinks that girls that skinny are nasty and he wouldn't mind as much if I was over weight.

Kattrina G
overweight because anorexics have bad hair and teeth.

anne c
Well, not grossly obese, but I'd rather be overweight than anorexic. Your body shuts down after starving it for awhile, and you die. If you're overweight, you'll have problems, but you have more time to get healthy and fit.

overweight because you could always lose the weight but when you are anorexic you can't gain weight because you will feel fat

id rather be overweight than to look like i already died but still breathes.

Overweight, losing the weight and getting over any insecurities seems like an easier battle then the anorexic. I think the anorexic has a far deeper mental problem than an overweight person. Both are a struggle that require commitment to solve.

Artie B
Overweight MAY kill you slowly, very slowly. But anexoria will kill you faster than cancer. So unless suicide is your goal, overweight is better.

I ♥ Penguins
Overweight-I can always lose weight, but anorexics sometimes have a hard time learning the proper way to eat again.

I'd rather be normal thank you very much.

If I would have to chose I would have to say overweight because I read a book called, "The Best Little Girl in the World," and she was anorexic, it was the most horrible thing ever. I would never want to go through that. Plus one of my family members just recently died from anorexia. So I would definitely want to be overweight, much more than I would want to be anorexic.

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