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Will dancing help you lose weight?
ok i wanna know, because i'm 13 and i am very uncomforatable with my body, i try to avoid mirriors, i know retarded, but i would like to to what, or which kind of dancing will help lose the most weight.

Head Banger
any physical movement will help you lose weight, dancing is a ton of fun too, i did ballroom dancing for a year to get the hang of dancing at balls and stuff. Lot of fun in my opinion. If you like hip hop dance you can do that too. Anyway dancing will help you lose some weight, over time. If you want to lose weight faster your going to need to do more demanding exercises.

yep. I run though. It all depends on what your interests are though.

Andra A
Hi! I think that dancing helps you lose weight, but you also need a diet. Eating healthy food, vegetables and fruit is a good and sure method to lose weight. But you must always eat something daily Do not starve yourself! It's very dangerous! You could get a heart diseases and you could also die!..Stay away from junk food like pizza, hamburgers and snacks. Also stay away from sodas. Drink natural juices or water. Now about dancing :P Well, I tried belly-dancing and it worked. Don't laugh ;) It works the mussels! I am very happy with the results :)

Chico Infierno
Yes. Ask Richard Simmons.

Any fast, vigorous exercise will help, but please, be sure you really need to lose weight, just because you don't like what is in the mirror does not mean you need to lose weight, talk with your parents or a trusted adult before you try to lose weight.

Hey there, sure dancing will help you lose weight! In fact i'm thinking of joining a dance class here and doing hip hop dance. I've been told though that belly dancing of all dancing is supposed to be the best workout, though I don't know why! Do what you want to do and have fun with it, and remember it won't all come off right away. Good luck!! =)

Kiddo I'm really old and dancing is a great way to lose the poundage. So just enjoy yourself and sweat it off.

Yes, i lost 80 lbs. I used dance meditation. but any kind might work. You just have to do it maybe 2 hours a day. Also take yoga. Partly how it works is not just by using calories but also by changing how you feel about yourself and your body.

Dancing can be great exercise, but you're only going to lose weight if you burn more calories than you ingest. So the dancing has to get your heart rate up to a certain level and you need to keep your heart rate up for a certain amount of time in order to be burning calories. Usually this is 30 minutes or so constant exercise. And should be done at least 3-4 times a week if not every day. You have to cut out chips and soda and extras like that, eat appropriately-sized portions of nutritious food at least 3 times a day. I also suggest strongly that you talk to your parents or doctor for what kind and levels of exercise would be appropriate for your body and if you *need* to lose weight.

Any type of movement helps. Dancing is a really fun way to move.

I think pretty much any kind of dancing will help you lose weight. There's also a workout called TurboJam or something like that. You might try that.

it depends where are u dancing, on the streets or in ur bathroom. If on the streets, then definitely u will be jailed bec u will loose weight there anyway, and in the bathroom u will loose weight when u see ur water bill

Rather than do the type of dancing that will cause you to lose the most weight, choose something that you will like. Then take lessons. Just about any regular exercise will help you lose weight.

of course ..any active moving will help lose the fat


Yes of course especially fast types od dance(hip-hop, latin, ...)

yes dancing will help loose weight b/c you sweat. And when you sweat you are loosing calories. I'd say fast dancing would help.

Yes, Any type of dancing will help, however, the more vigorous the dance, the more you will work your cardio vascular system.

It was my understanding that Chubby Checkers lost forty pounds doing the twist. But there is an Italian Dance called the "Tarantella". Interestingly enough, the dance was originated to make the dancer sweat out the poison after a bite by a Tarantula spider". Guaranteed to lose weight also. Then there are Polkas and Reels to consider, But you must remember that diet has a lot to eat and your bodily metabolism.

Once thing you must do if you want to lose weight: Just remember that there is no bread in the world and your pounds will fall off. It worked for Sid Cesar and it will work for you. Stay away from French Fries also.

Remember if it is good, it is either fattening or illegal. At least that's what they say.

Good Luck Young Lady

well first off let me start by saying there are many more ways to lose weight than dancing. But to answer your question any kind of dancing other than slow dancing should help you lose weight.However your not going to be knocking off alot of pounds just dancing youll have to diet also,and even though dancing is a form of exercising youll have to do more than just dancing to really notice the pounds going away.

yes i 'll say it really help
it help me a lot from 200lb to 173
yeah any kind samba disco somting like that

In order to loose weight you should do the following:

Evaluate Your Body Weight
Learn to manage your weight by:
Make healthy food choices
Increase your physical acitivity

Dansing is a physical activitiy so I would defininitly think that it could help you loose weight.

If dancing is what you like, go to your local gym and join a dancersize class. It's fun


Joshie Fresh
honestly.. not really.. i have seen one too many fat girls that have been dancing all their lives.... Running, the gym, cardio workouts.. dancing isnt really gonna cut it.. besides that.. most importantly, dieting. keep track of calorie intake.

sukhwinder b
Yes, because dancing is a sort of aerobic exercise which requires a lot of calories.

Any kind of dancing will help get your body in shape...sometimes by losing weight and sometimes by gaining muscle. But seriously sweetie, everyone at 13 has weight issues. Don't worry about it!! Just worry about being happy and healthy and having a good time with your friends!! :)

ad s
It will...It burns calories and will hep u loose

Just get down with ur bad self and move like you never did before. Youll burn so many calories in about 20 min.

Dancing is great exercise, if you do it regularly. Do whatever seems fun to you so you will want to stick with it.

Anything that leaves you out of breathe, involves muscle movement and has the potential to make you sweat is exercise

Dancing is a fantastic source of exercise, but you must do it regularly, for at least half an hour and you must drink lots and lots of water (most people forget to because they're enjoying themselves too much)

If you're still not sure, look up pictures of the UK's rave scene of the early nineties...you won't find a single overweight dancer. They danced and danced from dusk til dawn and everybody on the scene became incredibly thin because of it.

Texas girl
Belly dancing especially helps you to tone muscles, and get over body image issues.
Try your local library to rent tapes for free.

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