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 ????am i over weight?????
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 I don't know what to do for my 14 year old who thinks she is fat.?
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Why do people see people who over weight as lazy?
Because if you met me face to face you wouldnt say it.

because ppl who are overweight are generally lacking some form of excercise

Michael H
Fair enough, good on you.

its a stereotype, the world is full of them.

I know 3 people I would describe as overweight. One is really energetic and a roofer, he'll use his wieght and size to help move stuff etc - very energetic.. One is normal, a tad lazy but maybe thats normal - i never watch TV so am a little odd in that looks lazy to me. The other is an absolutely lazy ****. Whether this is because of her weight, or her weight is a result of this, i don't know. She will visit our house for a week and never even make a drink, she might as well just stay in bed and be done with it.

I guess a lot of overwieght people move slower so they appear lazy, but its probably not so.

Its a shame people pre-judge. But to some extent you have to, its called using your expereince to judge situations. Most of us would pre-judge a man standing in a bank carrying a gun, wouldn't we ?

that's jest the Way thy like it i guess

Its the media and people who are lucky and dont put on weight no matter what that say those things..they dont have a clue as people cant loose weight due to medical problems too. I put on weight after my gall bladder was taken out and I am diabetic, I have tried so hard with heating healthily and exercise - have a treadmill at home and am still the same. The Dr said gall bladder is used to break up fat and also due to my insulin being all over the place. I have finally accepted this is how I am going to be as long as I am happy but still have people put me down, what more people who are bigger than me - feel sorry for them. Not all people are lazy or big eaters as the media think. I only drink herbal teas (Green Tea), no coffee/diary products/sugar or potatoes.

Because it takes time and effort to lose weight and get in shape.

Because we live in a society that likes to stereotype, I'm fluffy, LOL and people probably think that about me. I work at the YMCA and teach a class, workout there and I'm a member at Gold's gym and I walk my dogs and walk at lunch when I have time. I'm by far not lazy, but because I have little cushion for the pushin people judge me. I don't mind though, these people just need to worry about themselves and get THEIR asses moving instead of pointing at me saying I'm lazy...lol. Bring it, I'll go to the gym and do circles around them. HEE HEE!

Liddy is Lost
I wouldn't say it anyway, I don't judge people on how they look or what size they are. HTH : )


Some people associate being overweight with laziness. There is a big difference between being lazy and not taking enough exercise, or not eating healthily.

Because people can be very ignorant, i myself am over my ideal weight yet i go the gym 2/3 times a week, plus i swim twice a week, salsa dance 1/2 times a week. Plus i work full time shift work which can mean approx 50hrs a week. im still over my ideal weight due to having an illness that means losing weight is difficult so by doing the activities i do it means i wont get any bigger. people pass judgement before they actually think what they are saying. its the same as saying skinny people dont eat enough - my friend is a size 8 never goes to the gym or walks anywhere and lives on maccie d's....!

2 good 2 miss
who says that?

Because they believe in stereotypes, which is wrong, but that's the way some people are.

because people are ignorant of all the facts and take things as face value without looking for all information, i am over weight but i also walk over 6 miles a day and eat light, losing weight is very hard for me. with my busy schedule i should be 80 lbs lighter but i am not due to my metabolism, so people need to stop guessing and get the real facts

I am over weight and I am not lazy at all, I work out like 3 hours at day...it is a stereotype, that's why. A generalization. My problem is I LOVE TO EAT. By instance I just had as breakfast some ravioli with cheese sauce. mmmmmmmm I am not lazy, I love to eat =(

Because of their own insecurities about themselves. They think that when they are lazy they put on weight and they just choose to broadern their opinion to all overweight people, when obviously the majority of overweight individuals are not in fact lazy!

Pedro D
I don't think they are lazy, but people who are obese may have lack of energy problems, short breath and many other problems that cause fatigue more easily.

nufc mad
theirs lots of overweight people active a play footy in sunday league theirs lots ov overweight people and their just as active.... dnt no why people think tht tho.....

its really annoying aint it? im quite overwieght and fair enough i love my food and i eat chips and stuff but not all the time i only eat fried food about once every 10 to 12 days i am a really healthy eater otherwise, i run around like a maniac and i try to excersize as much as possible so ignorant people who have the perception that im lazy should keep their noses out of my business and take a look at their own lifes before they look at mine

I used to be really overweight and really inactive. I have lost 5 stone in the past couple of years and am now normal weight.

Overweight people (not counting those with Thyroid problems and i'm sorry, that's a miniscule percentage) either consume far too many calories or do not expend the calories they do consume (ie. inactivity).

I wouldn't call you lazy to your face because i'm not in the habit of insulting strangers but if a close friend or family member had a weight problem, I would tell them to be more active and make healthier food choices.

Calories in versus calories out. It's not rocket science.

Because society has taught us to think that way. We think fat, we think unfit, we think thin, we think anorexic. I have a friend and she is two dress sizes bigger than me but she can pole dance and climb a pole and hang upside down (something I would not attempt! I would hurt myself!). I know for a fact that she is a LOT fitter than me and could out do me any day! first impressions are defiantly not everything. x

because they are ignorant and havent got a clue!

Because exercise helps people lose weight. But I've seen plenty of active people who were also overweight.

daljack -a girl
Because that's the perception....which is so wrong.

Being overweight is really bad.

But think about this....when you're just 35 pounds overweight whatever you do it's like doing it with a 5 year old child strapped to your back.

The extra pounds doesn't make them lazy ...it makes them extremely tired.

You're right to point out this inaccuracy. It can be the case but isn't blanket or uniform by any means.
I think it's become a language anomily, like many people assuming all teenage boys are thugs or that all gay men are camp. It's a silly assumption that needs challenging from time to time and well done to you for doing so! Just as an aside though is always wrong to be lazy? I don't think so personally, everyone has a right to be once and a while.

Most people are small minded and don't seem to understand that possibly there could be any number of reasons for someone to have a weight problem - fat or tooo skinny. If your skinny you must be not eating or throwing it up and if your fat then you must lay in bed and eat cupcakes all day. Granted sure sometimes this could be the problems for some people, but not all and it would be nice for others to not be so close minded.

Because they are ignorant. I am overweight, but I am far from lazy. I am the 1st on up every morning at 6 am. I get 3 kids up and ready for school and the 4th up to go with us. I leave home at 7 to drive them to school after they are dressed and fed and had their meds. I have to be sure they have supplies. I get back home by7:45 if I don't go see my Grandmother that particular AM at her rest home. When I get home, I start laundry and other chores. I do all the cooking and cleaning and errands and decisions and shopping. I make time to see my grandmother and my dad. I tend to a difficult 4 year old all day.
Then, I go pick up 1 of the older kids at 3. I go back for 4-4:30 to pick up 2 more after band. I take those 2 back to school on Fridays to perform at games and go back to get them at 10:30-11:00.
I make them clean their rooms, help them with homework, make the take baths and feed them supper. I take all of them to all dental and medical appointments or parties or where ever they need to go.
I help the "man of the house" with car motors or whatever else he asks me to help with. I run errands for him. I fix his supper plate and hand it to him (i like too).
I deal with teachers and bus drivers. I deal with broken hearts and betrayals. I nurse the sick kids all by myself. I do EVERYTHING except my ole man's actual job.
I teach preschool but am on leave after major surgery.
I am the last person to go to bed at night.
I am fat, but I am not LAZY!!!!

Yelena R
because it is a stereotypical bias

They do that because they associate being overweight with laziness. They don't understand the difference between being lazy vs. being inactive or not eating in a nutritional way. It's just ignorance.

i know im overweight and im not lazy

my mom always was on the go with alot of kids and haveing to feed them fast so we wouldnt bug her.she ended up buying us take out (which we didnt mind) then she would eat the same thing.... as you get older your metabolism slows down so its harder to burn.My mom was not lazy she was always in a hurry so she can meet her demands as a homemaker.

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